Deja Tu Huella


Latinos are rewriting the rules in all aspects of American society.

Our rallying cry, “Deja Tu Huella," captures the sentiment of “leave your mark” and the literal translation, “leave your fingerprint” brings a dual meaning for all the Cheetos dust-covered fingers of our Latino Superfans that literally and figuratively leave their mark on everything they touch.

From food, to fashion, to politics and beyond, Hispanic culture permeates the broader American psyche. But nowhere is their influence more prevalent than on mainstream music. To ignite this effort, Cheetos partnered with the hottest Latin music superstar, Bad Bunny, and set out to fuel the fandom of Latinos to leave their mark.

The collaboration sparked immediate excitement and within 24 hours, news spread and garnered over 100 million media impressions only to explode to over 1 billion impressions with the official announcement. Social media exceeded benchmarks across all platforms, including our Deja Tu Huella Tik Tok hashtag challenge with over 4 billion views, and Cheetos drew attention for their prominent role in the American Music Awards. Most importantly, we were able to reignite the flame with Latino Superfans, as well as see a 150% increase above goal in Hispanic household penetration, 4x the general population growth.