The Pull Out Game


It's time to get real

In an age where online attention is divided among so many options, we knew we needed to do something drastic to break through the noise. And when the topic is as sensitive as s-e-x, most teens will run the other way if the information being shared sounds “preachy.” We created a mockumentary film using relatable teen humor and language in order to draw awareness to the facts about sex and the consequences of teen pregnancy, as well as to address gender and sexual inequalities that affect teens today.

By meeting our audience on their turf and communicating in their language, we were able to break through the clutter on social media and bring much-needed awareness of safe sex directly to Dallas teens. The campaign generated almost 2M video views and drove 60K unique visitors to the Pull Out Game microsite. And that was just the start! We are continuing to evolve this platform into 2020 and beyond.