Coquito the "New" Tradition for the Holidays

Goya Foods

We discovered Goya’s Joy Creators – an audience of natural discoverers with an innate desire to create life’s meaningful moments. Not only do they create, but they also ignite enthusiasm and spread good vibes on every occasion. Their core motivation led us to position Goya’s Coquito as a recipe that amplifies joy during the holidays and celebrates the opportunity to connect with those around them.

Goya’s tropical origins pair perfectly with the holidays, so let’s create a new tradition every family should enjoy! We re-positioned Coquito – a delicious drink made at home using Goya Coconut Milk – as the perfect holiday beverage for Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike. Coquito amplifies the joy during the holiday season, a feeling that ought to be shared every year.

Goya’s campaign is a long-term vision with results in stages. The first stage of Goya’s campaign achieved the brand’s goal of connecting with the right target to establish Coquito made with Goya as a craveable, sharable recipe for celebrations. The campaign drove results for both brand messaging (awareness and engagement) and (conversions) retargeting for e-commerce and saving offers.