Group Planning Director

We are looking for a Group Planning Director.


  • You will be responsible for being the brand and cultural thought leader.
  • You will be responsible for crafting strategies that inspire creative work, excite the team, and bring results to the brand.
  • You will run a large piece of our business, requiring a macro-level understanding of the client industry, and having and cultivating contacts at different levels in their organization.
  • You will be a team player collaborating with creatives and brand leaders within Dieste and senior planners in other agencies.


  • 10+ years of relatable experience in a creative agency setting, with experience leading strategies that focus on the Hispanic culture.
  • Have a deep understanding of the biculturalism of American Hispanics. 
  • Being fluently bilingual is a plus (English – Spanish).

Candidates must be eligible to work in the United States to be considered for this role.
This job description is subject to change at any time.


Bilingual Copy Editor / Translator – Dieste Health

We are looking for a Bilingual Copy Editor / Translator for our Dallas or New York office.

The Bilingual Copy Editor / Translator edits, proofreads and writes translations, back translations and transcreations, as required for each project, with close attention to spelling and grammar, consistency and adherence to brand standards.

Works closely with the Spanish speaking Creative team to correct errors before any work is shared with Brand Leadership and/or clients, ensuring that client changes are made correctly and that final files match approved copy. Regularly consults established style guides (Associated Press, Real Academia Española) for new or evolving usage of language.


  • Proficiency in English and Spanish
  • Proficient in formatting Microsoft Word documents
  • Ability to deliver quality work under tight deadlines
  • General understanding of the advertising business a plus and how to work in cross-functional teams
  • Ability to pay strict attention to details
  • Able to multi-task on several jobs at one time
  • 3-5 years pharma experience preferred
  • Must reside in the U.S.A..

Reports to  Studio Manager.


Account Executive

Key activity: Day-to-day execution of a program and/or a project: on strategy, on time and within budget

You are: An excellent communicator: You can clearly share your thoughts both within the agency and with clients, vendors and partner agencies. You know how to get your point across.

Resourceful: You can creatively manage internal resources in order to make things happen. You don’t stop at the first no.

Reliable: Your team knows that the can count on you to complete the tasks assigned to you in a timely manner.

Responsible: You are accountable for the work that is assigned to you.

Flexible: You understand that a constantly changing market environment calls for an ability to react quickly and change gears as needed.

Able to prioritize and manage your time: You can manage the different tasks that come your way and ask the right questions in order to prioritize them and successfully complete all work.

Organized: You have exemplary organizational skills and pay close attention to detail.

Familiar with agency process: You understand Dieste internal processes and follow them closely.

A team player: You are motivated and collaborate with your team members toward the common goal of creating the best work possible within budget and timing provided.

Curious: You always seek new information about your client’s business category as well as trends in the industry


  • Coordinate and manage workflow through all agency teams
  • Develop, manage project timelines and follow up
  • Write conference reports on client calls and meetings
  • Initiate projects through the right channels and following Dieste processes
  • Interpret client needs into actionable internal direction
  • Develop and maintain client communications at appropriate levels
  • Help in coordinating of client meetings and preparations of presentations
  • Keep job history organized and easy and ready to access
  • Assist team in account billing as needed
  • Prepare competitive reports
  • Collaborate in the creative brief process and participate in a creative briefing
  • Facilitate the creative process with all the information that might be helpful for the team
  • Interpret creative work and provide feedback to the creative team in a constructive way, always guided by the brand strategy
  • Present work to clients in a compelling way, including strategic rationale
  • Provide support in the preparation of interception plans
  • Create estimates and review invoices to ensure accuracy
  • Manage quality control in all project

Your performance is measured by:

Proven ability to deal with clients and internal teams

Shown ability to prioritize and manage your own time, meet deadlines with quality work

Demonstrated clear communication skills to write and verbally express your POV both internally and externally

Growth of your accounts

Creative ideas in which you participate

Client and team’s feedback


Account Executive

Role: Project Execution; Leader of the Details; Seeks Opportunities to Grow

  • Responds resourcefully and constructively to new demands, priorities, challenges or obstacles
  • Good communicator with error-free written skills; working to refine effective written and oral communication skills
  • Understands production requirements & costs/time factors associated with print, broadcast, digital


  • Assists key task leader with day-to-day client project operations & expectations; understands the system coordination of all projects – knowing who to go to when
  • Keeps AS apprised of project status; e.g. problems, opportunities and ways to capitalize on them
  • Responsible for accurate and timely distribution of all creative elements (traffic sheets, rotation schedules, etc)
  • Ensures client information is thorough, accurate and timely; works with Supervisor to interpret into actionable internal direction
  • Works with client to align on direction/deliverables for new assignments; obtains all client executional details to set-up project success as well as secures all client approvals before going to market
  • Responsible for project schedule inputs, based on client requirements; communicates relevant information to team in a timely manner. Monitors production schedules/activity and notifies supervisor of relevant fluctuations
  • Assists with Kick-Off meetings.
  • Serves as a resource for creative teams; provide relevant background and information as needed to facilitate development
  • Updates client status reports, ensures detailed accuracy
  • Carefully monitors the accuracy and quality of work methods and client deliverables
  • Consistently maintains accurate and complete records and files for established tracking systems (server, job tracker, etc)
  • Writes all work orders
  • Prepares written recaps/conference reports of all client calls/meetings that result in agreements, approvals, revisions, etc. within reasonable period of time