AquĆ­ Estamos


Hispanic feel a strong sense of community when seeing other Latinos, even in the most unexpected places

For Latinos, the definition of community extends beyond their neighborhood, city, or even state. There is a collective pride in understanding where they come from and where they are headed together. This pride grows especially when they find each other in unexpected places. So we set out to honor these Latinos who live in unexpected, and often remote, locations across the U.S. Through video vignettes, we shared their stories and drew a connection to the brand by subtly communicating that Cricket is there for them wherever they are.

Our goal was to give Hispanics another reason to love Cricket, and the results were overwhelming. As the campaign rolled out, brand familiarity deepened among those most likely exposed to the creative work. Brand consideration showed a 26% increase for those exposed to the campaign compared to those who were not. And, due to the highly engaging, culturally relevant content, perceptions of Meaningfulness and Uniqueness, both future performance metrics, increased by 28% and 24% respectively.