Chicken Sandwich Wars


True chicken lovers care about the flavor, not the fight.

Why join a crowded battlefield when you can take the amigo route? In the chicken sandwich wars of 2019, Pollo Campero didn’t stand a chance in the fight against giant competitors. But while the big brands were at war in the marketing world, their employees were dealing with long hours, long lines, and not-so-friendly customers. Limited in time and budget but armed with plenty of crispy chicken expertise, Pollo Campero released a one-week offer to help ease the pain of a new set of future Campero fans: overworked and overstressed Popeyes employees. All they had to do was visit a Pollo Campero restaurant wearing their Popeyes uniform to get a delicious crispy chicken sandwich for free. 

Pollo Campero’s message spread like fire across social media, generating love among people and even catching national media attention, all with a single social media post. But most importantly, we were able to give a much-needed break to more than 30 Popeyes employees who came to redeem their free sandwich and have a taste of the best chicken sandwich out there.