The Wild Detectives

Book a Trip

Isolated and restless under the Coronavirus stay-at-home order, people were left feeling trapped and desperate for an escape.

When The Wild Detectives was ordered to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, they faced their biggest challenge­: how to survive with an in-person business model. So we came up with Book a Trip, an online travel site that allowed people to travel around the world through books, alleviating their cabin fever and sparking their imagination. The campaign was launched with a social media post that announced that due to the pandemic, The Wild Detectives was closing the bookstore and opening a travel agency. Immediately, loyal fans were shocked by the news, and the campaign went viral…

With ZERO media dollars, Book A Trip generated more than 30K visits to the site in the first three days of launching. The site became viral and got international press from places like England, Slovakia, France, and Taiwan. Even AdWeek covered it and PR Week named it one of the top 20 campaigns around the world in 2020. But most importantly, it helped The Wild Detectives boost sales by 200% and put them on the map as a great destination to visit.