Role: Project Execution; Leader of the Details; Seeks Opportunities to Grow

  • Responds resourcefully and constructively to new demands, priorities, challenges or obstacles
  • Good communicator with error-free written skills; working to refine effective written and oral communication skills
  • Understands production requirements & costs/time factors associated with print, broadcast, digital


  • Assists key task leader with day-to-day client project operations & expectations; understands the system coordination of all projects – knowing who to go to when
  • Keeps AS apprised of project status; e.g. problems, opportunities and ways to capitalize on them
  • Responsible for accurate and timely distribution of all creative elements (traffic sheets, rotation schedules, etc)
  • Ensures client information is thorough, accurate and timely; works with Supervisor to interpret into actionable internal direction
  • Works with client to align on direction/deliverables for new assignments; obtains all client executional details to set-up project success as well as secures all client approvals before going to market
  • Responsible for project schedule inputs, based on client requirements; communicates relevant information to team in a timely manner. Monitors production schedules/activity and notifies supervisor of relevant fluctuations
  • Assists with Kick-Off meetings.
  • Serves as a resource for creative teams; provide relevant background and information as needed to facilitate development
  • Updates client status reports, ensures detailed accuracy
  • Carefully monitors the accuracy and quality of work methods and client deliverables
  • Consistently maintains accurate and complete records and files for established tracking systems (server, job tracker, etc)
  • Writes all work orders
  • Prepares written recaps/conference reports of all client calls/meetings that result in agreements, approvals, revisions, etc. within reasonable period of time