Talk About It Dallas


If you think teenage pregnancy doesn’t affect you, think again.

Dallas suffers from a teenage pregnancy crisis that no only disrupts the lives of teens, but also costs the city over $100 million each year. This is an issue that affects everyone – teens, parents, and citizens alike. We knew we needed to normalize sex, including “the talk,” in order to effect change. Not an easy task…especially in Texas.

In order to get Dallas to talk about sex, we had to find ways to start the conversation with different groups of people. By targeting each of these audiences – teens, parents, lawmakers, and the community as a whole – with hilarious radio spots about how awkward it is to have “the talk,” we directed everyone to a toolkit where they could get tailored information about teen pregnancy, STIs, LGBTQ issues, and ways they could help their own community reduce the teen pregnancy rate.

The campaign immediately grabbed the attention and support of the Mayor and City Council. And, in March 2019, the Dallas Independent School District voted to improve its sexual education curriculum. Finally, students today have access to the tools they need to make healthy decisions and fulfill their potential. This project is part of the 2030 Sustainable Goal to provide universal sexual health education to all – securing a safer future for everyone in Dallas, throughout Texas, and beyond.