Carla Eboli Chief Reputation Officer

Your reputation precedes you.


It’s true for everyone. So why would it be any different here at Dieste? Which is exactly why Dieste has created a different way of marketing itself.


Overseeing this effort is Carla Eboli. Carla left behind Ketchum, Brazil to join Dieste in 2008. And when our CEO Greg Knipp assumed leadership, he challenged Carla to find a better way to attract new talent, and to go beyond traditional cold calling, RFPs and long & expensive pitches to grow our client portfolio.


As Chief Reputation Officer, that’s where Carla’s long-time PR skills have come to play a very important role. By giving more emphasis to building relationships, raising brand awareness and enhancing the profile of the agency among key audiences, Carla has helped Dieste reach new heights better and faster.


One of the most important components of our plan is staking thought leadership by generating relevant content. Carla dedicates part of her time to analyzing top U.S. advertising trade publications to ensure that Dieste is generating quality content for them. Long years working as a journalist, and her extensive PR experience, sold Carla on the increasing value of earned media. Something she keeps in mind as she continues developing our distribution strategy and channel management, including speaking opportunities.


Carla is also committed to strengthening our existing relationships, and generating new ones, with executives at all Omnicom agencies. Since collaboration is one of the pillars of Omnicom’s culture, she works hard at identifying and establishing partnerships and business opportunities with our sister agencies.


Finally, Carla plays something akin to a business matchmaker by exploring potential clients that are a good fit for our culture, and that will benefit from our vision & philosophy. Building our business by building the Dieste name and reputation.



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