Demographically. Culturally. Technologically. Creatively. America is always reinventing itself.
Moving forward, the changing face of America is becoming more multicultural. And at Dieste,
we find that exciting. Because 1 + 1 = 3. The old, the new and the fresh combinations that they make
together. This is the stuff that Provoke Weekly delivers. In snackable, shareable slices for anyone
looking to be entertained & inspired.


Paco Olavarrieta joins Dieste as Chief Content Curator.

“New York is a strategic location for us. There is a demand both from our clients and from our sister agencies for a full service office in New York. Once we made the decision to invest in our New York office, Aldo and I began actively recruiting Paco. He was the guy we wanted. He’s not only right for the clients serviced out of our New York office, but will elevate our overall approach to creativity.” says Greg Knipp, CEO of Dieste. Via

Smart Shopping on Your Cart.

As technology pushes further and further into our physical lives, it’s no wonder that some would seek to apply its benefits to our waistlines. Enter the “Smart Shopping Cart,” whereby with a quick scan, you can have all the information you need on a particular food product, literally at your fingertips.

The Hand Made Movement.

A growing trend among millenials is customization and personalization. Following in that vein, the Made By Hand movement has been gaining steam. Websites like Etsy cater to this crowd, providing what is essentially an online shopping mall of custom, handmade products, worldwide. Millenials seem to respect not only the uniqueness of the products, but the craft that goes into making them. And we have to admit, the products can be pretty sharp. Via

IKEA Expands.

IKEA is taking a page out of Apples hand book and looking to integrate two seemingly different product categories into one. IKEA is working with various electronics companies to manufacture and sell furniture with integrated electronics. So in essence you will no longer need to figure out how to hide all those cables that often mess with "aurora" of your room. This is an interesting business move at an interesting time as big box electronic retailers like Best Buy struggle. The one challenge many might see from a marketing perspective is the quality perception already tied with IKEA products and...

Hugs for Cokes.

Coca Cola deploys an attention demanding campaign in Asia by spreading the love. In Asia Coca Cola deploys vending machines that rewards consumers with a coke when the pedestrians show a little love. The vending machines are branded with "Hug Me" across the middle. The goal of the campaign is to evoke positive emotions and tie those emotions to the global giant. Via

Silver & Light

Playing off of yesterday's post about the purchase of Instagram by Facebook and how personal photography would undergo changes because of it, did you ever wonder what it might feel like to shrink yourself down and stand inside a camera? Well, now you know.