Tory Burch for Fitbit

By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove | September 24, 2014 Tory Burch and Fitbit have collaborated to make everyday fitness trackers a chic everyday accessory. Now you can wear it around your neck in a uniquely designed gold necklace. How cool is that? Catch the full Provoke Weekly – Love it. Live it. Wear it.  

Love it. Live it. Wear it.

  By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove | September 24, 2014 Technology is taking over the world…the world of fashion, that is. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people wearing activity trackers around their wrists to keep up with things such as calories burned. However, just as technology is always changing, so is fashion. And the fashion industry is running, literally, with all of their consumers’ different techie needs and making them beautiful. Check out some of the best, and most fashionable, ways to stay up to speed on all of your necessary devices.  Catch the full Provoke…

Goodbye Office, Hello Telecommute!

  By: Carla Levy, Quantitative Storyteller | September 17, 2014 A “not-so-new” work model trend has gained popularity in recent years. More companies are joining the movement by allowing their employees to work from home, or in today’s jargon: telework, telecommute, virtual work, work remotely, and the list continues… Part of this increasing phenomenon is the result of the technological revolution that allows us to be connected wherever and whenever. But apart from being a cool trend that makes both parties – employees and companies – (mostly) happy, let’s think beyond and explore the effects that this new situation brings on…

Working Remotely Means Higher Engagement

  By: Carla Levy, Quantitative Storyteller | September 17, 2014 Gallup’s research found that remote workers tend to log an average of four more hours than those who work on-site, which results in better company productivity. Despite working more hours, working remotely seems to have a positive impact on these workers, who scored higher in engagement levels (32%) than those employees who work at the office (28%).  Catch the full Provoke Weekly – Goodbye Office, Hello Telecommute!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Telecommuting

  By: Carla Levy, Quantitative Storyteller | September 17, 2014 Seems that not everyone is meant to be a telecommuter. Employees need a specific set of skills, such as a “strong balance between technical knowledge and social skills. They are adaptable, well organized and flexible. Their psychological profile is characterized by low levels of neuroticism, resilience, extroversion and self-confidence. Further, they are always open to new experiences and opportunities to socialize and are highly self-motivated.” Catch the full Provoke Weekly – Goodbye Office, Hello Telecommute!

Identity Crisis? We Think Not

    By: Jesse Echeverria, Community Manager, @jesseechev | Sept. 15, 2014 September 15 marks the beginning of what has evolved into National Hispanic Heritage Month, or HHM. Originally, President Lyndon Johnson approved the existence of Hispanic Heritage Week, only to be extended to be a 30-day period by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. Believe it or not, this month has been enacted into law on the approval of Public Law 100-402. Enough of the history lesson, we know that this month has become a confusing time for many. Questions likes “Why does it start mid-September and end mid-October?”, “Why ‘Hispanic Heritage’?”,…

Making Ideas Reign at Brainstorms

  By: Meredith Moon, Copywriter, @cirque_luna | September 10, 2014 Brainstorming as we know it sucks. You all know it. We have insisted upon getting together in groups to participate in this anti-creative ritual probably because we secretly love meetings. But I don’t. In my transition into the role of a copywriter, I was excited to start brainstorming—a seemingly fun process that only creative people got to do. That may be partially true, however that doesn’t mean it works. Or maybe it’s just me. Yes, it’s me, not you. But how would I know? I wasn’t in a meeting to…

Negative Stereotypes and Their Negative Effects On Health

  By: Gabriela González, Sr. Strategic Planner, @soygabygon | Sep. 8, 2014 A recent study published in the Journal of Social Issues found that Latinos agree with negative stereotypes about themselves at a higher rate than the non-Hispanic white population. “Somewhere in their heads they are making the connection that the stereotype is Latino, I am Latino, and therefore I am the stereotype.” As marketers, let’s be more cautious as to how we depict our consumers, knowing that positive and negative depictions may become the accepted reality for many.

Mobile Payments: Thinking Outside the Box with Square

  By: Rufy Garcia, Community Manager, @rufygarcia | Sept. 4, 2014 Square, the gadget that has made it so simple for entrepreneurs everywhere to accept credit cards, was valued at 5 billion earlier this year, but may be heading towards 6 billion. Allowing any type of business to accept credit cards as a form of payment without having the old clunky registers and high-tech equipment in order to do so has made way for the start-up to dominate the market. The success has also given way for competitors to enter the market and strive to be the number one easy go-to payment…

A Curated Portrait of the New Immigrant

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but it is always refreshing to have new examples to refer to when talking about Latinos today. The current demographic shifts, mostly fueled by the high Hispanic birthrate complemented by a new class of immigrants, continue to redefine the portrait of Latinos in the US. As a result, marketers are having to rethink how we speak and engage with Latinos and reassess the top-of-mind imagery when we hear the word immigrant. We need to challenge ourselves to identify and play up forward-looking values applicable to today’s Latinos. Values such as freedom and self-actualization stand…