Provoke Weekly 07/16 – Recharging you

Although everyone loves an unexpected announcement that the office is closing early, many people aren’t taking advantage of their vacation hours. You are probably one of them. Why aren’t you taking your hard earned vacation time? You are constantly working but neglecting the work you need to do on yourself. Desires for personal growth and happiness need to be nurtured in order for you to do better overall. That doesn’t mean you have to jet off to the beach in order to improve your personal health and happiness, although that’s ideal for most people. There are developments emerging that allow…

Provoke Weekly 07/09 – USH Millennials are NOT like all other USH consumers

Overall, the US Millennial generation is more multicultural than any other adult generation in the US. They are also the most connected, with technology being second nature to them. Millennials lead all consumers in accessing real-time mobile information to help in decision making at the time of purchase. While US Hispanic Millennials may still prefer to eat traditional food and keep up with happenings in Latin America, they are breaking new ground as individuals by interpreting culture in their own way, just like non-Hispanic Millennials. Having grown up in America, they are hyper-connected, better educated and more comfortable with English….

Provoke Weekly 07/02 – Time for a boom in boomer marketing.

As a Millennial, advertisers persistently target and tempt me with technological advances and innovative design. Temptation, however, rarely leads to purchase… I’m a student, and I can’t afford to buy anything. So why do brands waste money trying to foster my loyalty when a shinier, newer innovation will seduce me tomorrow? My parents, on the other hand, are always buying the “toys” I really want. That’s not surprising, though, since boomers comprise 25% of the U.S. population and 40% of spending – more than any other demographic. However, as the target of only 5% of ad spending, they feel that…

Provoke Weekly 06/25 – Digital to tangible

The Internet is an information highway but more notably, a storage house. It has become your personal database of files and memories that have been uploaded and saved onto the web. However, people are beginning to make a conscious effort to unplug and take a break from the digital world. They long for tangible representations that yank the virtual world into physical reality. It is the job of brands to create a true dialogue with consumers that embodies these shifting desires for the tangible. Forging a path between offerings and experiences is key to translating ideas into solid depictions in…

Provoke Weekly 06/18 – The Evolution of M.D.

Social fever is something even doctors can’t prevent. As social media has evolved to play a greater role in our lives, we’ve seen how different industries utilize it. Lifesaving healers have now joined us in the sharing obsession. Today, surgeons are displaying their miracle work in real time. This new ritual has catapulted hospitals into the spotlight, and it seems to be spreading. We applaud the medical field for introducing a truly new way to break into the social world. This may be the beginning of numerous shared operations that could help educate potential patients and fellow doctors alike. Via…

Provoke Weekly 08/20 – Bye, bye gym.

Many of us strive to lead healthier lives. We try to eat balanced meals, work out and get plenty of sleep. We may purchase organic, opt for sugar-free and switch to “diet” versions of our favorite soft drinks. We could spend hundreds on gym memberships, personal trainers and the latest As-Seen-On-TV fitness equipment and videos. We force ourselves to sleep in on weekends even when our inner alarm has gone off and we lie wide-awake. The mere act of joining a gym makes us feel like we’re doing something good for ourselves. However, after the first month we might find…

Tracking the Sun.

People love a good long tracking shot. It’s an art form that’s been explored to memorable effect in feature films and advertising for years. So, when British newspaper The Sun hatched the idea to do a single take spot, they knew that they needed to raise the bar. And by raise the bar, they meant lower it. That is, create a spot that looks like an eye-popping feat of precision planning and camera work, but that, on closer inspection, winks at itself with some purposefully clunky transitions. There are more obvious scenic lacunae–for example, where the actor walks into the back…

Are You Over-Sharing Online?

Need to convey a metric butt-load of information in an easily-digestible, visual format? Go the way of the Infographic. They’re hot right now, and everyone’s doing them so, for a little bit of Provoke Daily fun, let’s make this an InfoGraphic swarm day. This one: are you over-sharing on Facebook? Yeah, probably. Via

INFOSWARM: Pro Championships.

Need to convey a metric butt-load of information in an easily-digestible, visual format? Go the way of the Infographic. They’re hot right now, and everyone’s doing them so, for a little bit of Provoke Daily fun, let’s make this an InfoGraphic swarm day. This one: infographics of basically every professional sporting championship ever played. Cool. Via

Skippy the Stone-Skipping Robot.

Need some summertime relaxation but can’t leave your tiny cubicle? The marketing alliance for Sun Valley, Idaho took matters into their able hands and created Skip Town, an interactive experience that allows users to remotely skip stones across a placid lake in Sun Valley using an on-site automaton with a wicked tossing arm. Via