Skippy the Stone-Skipping Robot.

Need some summertime relaxation but can’t leave your tiny cubicle? The marketing alliance for Sun Valley, Idaho took matters into their able hands and created Skip Town, an interactive experience that allows users to remotely skip stones across a placid lake in Sun Valley using an on-site automaton with a wicked tossing arm. Via

Una Hora Por Favora.

  On the streets of LA, thousands of men are available as day laborers for cash, by the hour. What happens when lonely and single Elissa picks up the capable and handsome Arturo to help her fix the shower? She realizes one hour is simply not enough. An afternoon turns into a long weekend that changes them both forever in this hilarious yet emotional short film. Written and directed by Jill Soloway and starring Michaela Watkins and Wilmer Valderrama.   Via

Happiest Places on Earth.

The “Happy Planet Index” is an alternative measurement of “happiness” by locale or, as they describe it, a global index of sustainable wellbeing. Who rates at the top? Costa Rica (except for a lack of street signs, which is bound to lead Curves customers astray– see our earlier post on Provoke Daily). Via

Skater Manny Santiago Breaking Big.

Puerto Rican-born Manny Santiago is an East Coast skater who is always smiling. He’s got undeniable skills and, just like many among his Millennial Generation, is an avid blogger and Twitter user. With this past year’s ESPN X-Games, he’s been breaking big. Look for him to be grinding a park bench near you. Via

7 Minutes of Terror.

Think your job is stressful? Watch this provocative video from NASA and learn what it takes to safely land a probe on the surface of Mars. After seeing it, I think I’ll stick to clearing unexploded land mines. Via

Saturday Night Salsa.

With icons from the Disco Era (error?) dropping like flies, it might be a good time to recall Salsa’s influence on the genre before there’s no one left to remember it. So boogie on down. Via

So Cold it’s Cool.

It’s cool, it’s cold, it’s both. The movements of a music box ballerina are reinterpreted in a groundbreaking video for British composer Ryan Teague using electromagnetic fields, sub zero temperatures and 2000 volts of electricity. Via

Perfect Makeup App.

Need help finding just the right shade of makeup to go with your fabulous new dress? Just like for everything else, there’s an app for that, too. Snap a photo of your wardrobe and receive instant makeup advice from the pros. Très chic! Via