Pranking, Jurassic-style.

That settles it: Provoke Daily is asking Santa for a giant robotic dinosaur for Christmas this year. Why? Because of what happens when you unleash a 10-foot-high animatronic dinosaur costume on to the unsuspecting public. This dino popped out of dark alleys, out of the back of the truck, and even tried a “ding-dong-ditch,” all while a camera crew watched and chuckled at the responses. So, Santa? We’ve been very, very good. Next year, probably not so much. Via //

Ping-Pong, Bruce Lee-Style.

To promote a cell phone from Nokia, “Bruce Lee” was sponsored by J. Walter Thompson and Nokia in a PIng Pong tournament. But as a twist, he plays with his nunchucks. The video is four years old but has recently begun taking a Karate chop out of the Interwebs. Via

Provoke Weekly – 11/19 Math wins!

Math wins! On Election Eve, the Number Crunchers Pounded the Pundits There was more than one election eve showdown, and here was final score: Math 1, Pundits 0 Yes, the entire Punditocracy and its bevy of “gut feel” bloviators were shown up on election day by a pack of pencil pushing geeks. Leading the way was Nate Silver, the New York Times political “Moneyball” blogger, whose methodology is a seven-step process calculating polling averages, simulations and error analysis to make remarkably accurate predictions. Attacked on-air by Joe Scarborough of the MSNBC show Morning Joe as an “ideologue” and a “joke,”…

Getting Hits, Gangnam Style.

Surely you’ve seen it by now. Or heard it. Or maybe even danced to it. “It” is the smash viral hit “Gangnam Style” by South Korea’s irony-meets-comedy rapper Psy (short for psycho). As of this writing, the official video has over 420 million views, and that’s not counting the views on knock-off copies of the official video (one of which has over 25 million views). It’s a legitimate worldwide phenomenon. The Korean Wave Research Institute said: “Of all the videos that surpassed 300 million views on Youtube, Gangnam Style is the first to continue hitting 10 million views per day….

Millennials Get Real

Millennials get real. Gone are the days when brands persuade consumers to buy their products by portraying unrealistic or highly aspirational images. Millennials are increasingly seeing the world in terms of real and fake, and want to buy something real from a company that is genuine, and more importantly, that engages them in a more personal way. Dieste’s Strategic Planning Department Teens against unattainable perfection. Teens are stepping up in a fight against magazines for using digitally altered or unrealistic images of young women. They want magazines to “celebrate beauty in all its forms.” Living within their means. Technology has…