#AdoptableTrends and #TheStoryofEmma Win at USH Idea Awards 2015

The winners of the U.S.H. Idea Awards, announced by creative group Circulo Creativo in partnership with AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing at an awards show Tuesday night in Miami, have been announced, and Dieste got in on some of the metal craze. Congratulations to the teams behind and everyone who helped with #TheStoryofEmma and #AdoptableTrends. The Story of Emma, for Mi Escuelita Preschools, received Silver in Integrated as the only prize awarded in the coveted Integrated category. Adoptable Trends, for Dallas Pets Alive!, received Silver in Cyber and Silver in Promo & Activation. Congrats to everyone and check out the full list…

Disney Knows Best: Hispanics Are Your Core Customers

By: Jesse Echeverría, Community Manager, @jesseechev Being a former Disney Cast Member and having earned my ears, I have a very special place for Disney in my heart. Not only does Disney really, really understand business, they understand that to continue to have success in the U.S. box office they need to keep in mind that Hispanics are their core customer. To me, it seems like they have taken a couple of pages out of our 1+1=3 book and put them into practice. With 1 in 5 millennials in the U.S. being Hispanic, their influence over culture and trends is…

Socialebrities as Brand Influencers

  By: Mageline Concepcion, Account Director Recently the wildly popular socialebrity and comedic actor LeJuan James expressed gratitude on his social channels “for all the corporations and brands that appreciated [his] work and feel strongly enough to utilize [him] as a spokes person.” He was referring to a recently signed annual contract with Honda to become their spokes person. LeJuan is one of many socialebrities who have created and nurtured their brands almost exclusively on social media—and in the process amassing a significant network of followers (LeJuan’s social media stats as of 4/11/15: FB 1,269,943 likes, Instagram 684k, Twitter 30.3k followers, Vine 465.2k)….

Understanding Total Market and Multicultural

  “Tenemos la mejor gama de altavoces. Marcas enfocadas en el consumidor, como Heineken y Target y compañías de medios como Pandora y iHeartMedia, todos entendiendo la importancia del consumidor hispano y multicultural para su crecimiento.” — Chief Marketing Officer, Carla Eboli, comentó a PRODU en este artículo. “We have the best range of speakers. Consumer-focused brands like Heineken and Target and media companies like Pandora and iHeartMedia, everyone understands the importance of the Hispanic and multicultural consumer for growth. “- Chief Marketing Officer, Carla Eboli, told PRODU in this article.

Effective Creative

  “The creative voice of Hispanic agencies has grown in recent years.” — Chief Creative Officer, Paco Olavarrieta, stated for a chat with PRODU over his new role as judge in the Effective Creative FIAP category. Check out the article here.  

HBO Now is out. What’s next?

  By: Franco Caballero, Creative Strategist About two years ago, an article from Los Angeles Times came out citing Time Warner and HBO executives on the apathy of rolling out a standalone service for HBO content, separate from a cable subscription. This week, HBO Now was released for Apple TV in what is undoubtedly a victory for cable-cutters. While cable-cutter is the term that dominates the headlines, there is also a huge upside for this service with the younger segments. The success of HBO Now may not hinge on people cutting their cable connections, but rather on avid content consumers…

Humor in Advertising

    “I think the key to being funny is finding your own voice.” — Executive Creative Direcetor, Ciro Sarmiento stated in this month’s ANA Magazine over humor in advertising.   @cirosarmiento

The Evolution Of Vending Machines

  By: Carla Eboli, CMO There is some fabulous news about the food & drink industry: the technology added to it.  Different from the old vending machines – which solely functioned to deliver products once bills or coins were introduced into it – the novelty is that machines can create new products, new flavors and unique options in “partnership” with consumers. Only the money part remains the same… And indeed money is still the driver, as most of the time this technology is used to increase product sales. This is the case with the very cool machine developed by Pernot…

Demographic-Based Targeting Is A Thing Of The Past

  By: Alejandro Martinez, Market Intelligence Strategist It may seem crazy that in the era of big data there are companies that still rely exclusively on demographic data to reach and connect with their target audience. While demographic data is important, it’s only part of a much larger equation to truly understand the mindset of current and future consumers. Nowadays you can get various types of data, including: location, behavioral, purchasing, and social, just to name a few. Data is a crucial component of effective marketing, and it will become more important as our world becomes more digital. Using Data…

Acculturation Is Dead

        By: Mónica Sánchez, Quantitative Storyteller Using “acculturation” as a tool to define a brand’s target consumer in this day and age is akin to only considering network television as a medium to broadcast your message. The breadth and depth of research techniques and syndicated tools that are available today mandate that we dig deeper, across segmentation models and through attitudinal and behavioral variables, to hone in on a brand’s true target – the one that will most profitably build your business for the long term.