The Changing Face of Thanksgiving

by Dannely Flores-Kramer, Account Planning Director As we approach the holidays, kicking off the season with Thanksgiving, we start thinking of all the delicious dishes and flavors we’ll soon savor. Although Thanksgiving’s signature dishes are crave-worthy for some, in many households (especially those with millennials) these dishes are changing and are anything but traditional.   Fusion in More than Just Food Our country is undergoing a big demographic shift, which includes more diverse ethnicities and an influential millennial group, which in turn is driving the fusion of more regional ethnic ingredients and bold flavors into the new mainstream American Cuisine….

How To Authentically Embrace Cause Marketing Ideas

by Carla Eboli, Chief Marketing Officer Let’s be honest, brands that try to embrace cause marketing ideas without authenticity in their core values face several obstacles. They end up losing their customers’ respect and are highly criticized by consumers, influencers and media alike (remember Starbuck’s “Race Together” initiative, right?). On the other hand, some brands are making waves by embracing relevant causes and impacting consumer behavior.   Start By Building Your Case: Stop Blowing Smoke  Multicultural consumers are paying a lot of attention to companies/brands that are focused on tobacco cessation, since the use of tobacco products is a growing issue…

Surge or Slump? The Latino Vote in the 2016 Election

by Wegs, Chief Idea Officer This was the year. Or at least it was suppose to be the year. The year that Latinos flexed their muscles to demonstrate their political power. With a candidate who launched his campaign by referring to Mexicans as “murderers and rapists,” everything seemed teed up for Latinos to build an electoral wall to counteract Mr. Trump’s proposed southern border wall. But come election night something happened. And while it’s still too early to fully understand it, Donald J. Trump became President-Elect Trump. Why? Because Secretary Clinton couldn’t reassemble the Obama coalition of African-Americans, Millennials and Latinos….

Is Unbranded Advertising Content Right For Your Brand?

by Todd Lilly, Senior Digital Producer L’Oreal, Chevy and beloved Mexican beverage brand, Jarritos have all done it – and with huge success. What did they actually do? When it comes to unbranded advertising content, it’s more about what they didn’t do. They put their brand in the backseat and ventured into creating unbranded campaigns and content. In recent months, brands have started to experiment with developing campaigns and content that is void of heavy branding and strong hard-sell offers in an attempt to re-position themselves in their marketplace.   Use It To Remove Bias And Promote Your Self-Confidence L’Oreal felt…

How to Crash the Cultural Conversation Through Newsjacking

by Wegs, Chief Idea Officer According to the Digital Marketing Glossary, newsjacking may be defined as “the art of using news events or stories for marketing and advertising purposes.” The idea is to identify breaking stories and find a creative way to become a part of them. The Crème de la Crème—A Tale Between Two Cookies A term popularized by David Meerman Scott, newsjacking first came to prominence during the 2013 Super Bowl, when an unprecedented thirty-four minute power outage delayed the big game. While most brands were left as flat-footed as the players waiting for the game to resume,…

Comic Con Advertising: Don’t Just Dress To Impress

by Leirum Rivas, Copywriter and Emiro Echenagucia, Senior Art Director Some events can be a perfect fit for brands, but others present more of a challenge. It comes down to relevancy and finding a way to be useful or entertaining…especially when your brand wants to get the attention of 180,000 fans dressed as their favorite Comic, TV series or movie characters. This is where Comic Con advertising comes in.   What’s A Brand Like You Doing At Comic Con? At Dieste we’re always curious about all the places where brands can participate in a creative way. So this year we took…

Launching a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

by Alejandro Martinez, Director of Marketing Intelligence Influencer marketing is the latest marketing trend. According to Google, the keyword “influencer marketing” has experienced over 5000% growth in the past 5 years making it a “breakout” search term. A reason for its growing popularity is because as the world has shifted to social media, consumers look at their friends and social circles to inform their purchasing decisions. Consumers are skeptical of corporate ads and know that TV/movie celebrity endorsements can be purchased. They would rather listen to like-minded individuals and social media stars that are experts in their respective fields. Here’s a…

Brands Join the 2016 (Political) Party

The 2016 election cycle has been one of the most interesting and unusual in presidential history, and with the mic on brands seem to want to jump on the political bandwagon. While some believe it’s very challenging for brands to get involved in such controversial topics – others have been able to play around and ride the wave. Voters are demanding more and more information about the issues that are close to them, and with so much information overload, some need a little help keeping up with news and updates. Some brands have facilitated this connection, while others have managed to…

Finding the Right Note: The Role of Music in Advertising

When it comes to the effects of music on humans, we have only begun to scratch the surface. Neuroscientists are making new discoveries each year that shed more light on both the physical and mental impact of music. Some recent studies have even shown how music heightens positive emotions to the point that it stimulates hits of dopamine making us feel good or even elated.  From reducing stress to relieving pain to boosting learning and memory, music is indeed a powerful force.

5 Things We Learned From Brazil 2014, To Help You With USA 2016

If you are a marketer, you probably already know that Copa America Centennial is a virtual Latin American world cup happening in major U.S. cities this summer—better said, some of your biggest markets. Chances are, you are already at the idea-development stage. Whether you have secured an official sponsorship and are in the process of executing or you’re a non-sponsor looking to ride the wave, here are 5 things we learned from Brazil 2014 that can inspire your USA 2016 big idea… and a case study video to be proud of.