Here’s Why You Will Win In-Store With A Mobile Retail Experience

by Adeline Cruz-Phillips, Account Director Mobile devices have made shopping a lot easier. As consumers continue to use devices to research products, compare prices, and purchase online; retailers are expanding their mobile retail capabilities to break down the remaining barriers between the virtual and brick-and-mortar store. According to a July 2015 ComScore Report, 191.4 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone, and 61% of U.S. Internet usage is done on mobile devices.

Find Your Brand Archetype, Find Your Followers

If you’re a moviegoer, you might be surprised to find out you know more about brand archetypes than you think you do. It’s a fancy word, but with a very important meaning for communication strategy. Have you noticed that many heroes come from a sad, fearful past? Think Batman or Luke Skywalker! Or, can you count all the characters you recall that are pure dreamers full of optimism and believe in changing the world just for goodness’ sake. Picture Amelie, Wall-E and Forest Gump sitting in the same restaurant and sharing a Coke. They symbolize something to all of us….

How Culture Plays a Major Role When Marketing to Parents

  In 1983, companies spent $100 million marketing to kids. Today, they’re spending nearly $17 billion annually. Kids not only have more spending power than ever before, but also have a huge influence on their parents’ purchase behavior. Brands know that successfully reaching kids and parents is no easy task. Winning over the parents, who usually have a final say in the product purchase, is just the first step.

Does Anyone [Need to] Pay Full Price Anymore?

  New year, new sales. That’s what retailers were hoping for. After what should’ve been the most profitable season of the year, consumers are now fully –  and mindfully – controlling how, what and why they purchase. The power has shifted to the people. Some time ago, retailers were in charge; setting their prices and creating demand for their products with simple marketing tools. If consumers didn’t want to buy from you, it was on them. Now the price tag has evolved from representing legitimate cost, to being merely seen as a suggestion. I say suggestion, because it’s never been…

When Brand Personality Wins the Big Bucks

What can be more ridiculous than playing the popular card game “Cards Against Humanity?” How about handing them money for nothing in return. You may want to check out its scandalous brand personality after reading this.. This past Black Friday, the shopping holiday of the year par excellence, millions of people spent the day after Thanksgiving taking advantage of retailers and their lowest prices of the year sales. In the meantime, Cards Against Humanity pulled a stunt that is completely backwards and counterintuitive to the meaning of Black Friday. The stunt entailed asking consumers to give $5 to the company…

The Science of Shopping

While shopping has become easier for consumers, the continued advancement of how goods are bought requires retailers to dig below the surface and truly analyze purchasing patterns. More than ever, merchants and marketers are using data in order to learn and further drive dollar-spending both online and offline. Nordstrom leverages Pinterest  to pinpoint and track trending products and then uses signage promoting those goods in their brick and mortar stores. Designer Rebecca Minkoff is also ahead of the curve in utilizing data to enhance shopper experience with her “futuristic” stores’ use of RFID technology to keep an accurate tab of…

INFOGRAPHIC: ANA Masters 2015 Greatest Tweets

We are back with another quick visual –  this time from ANA Masters of Marketing 2015. Check out the infographic as we dive deeper into some tweets! Click image to view. Infographic contributors: Carla Eboli, Luis Sanchez and Gustavo Zapata Follow Dieste Inc., a multicultural advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook and stay tuned to what’s new in the marketplace.           

Nutricosmetics: Putting Beauty Where Your Mouth Is

  Even though the use of nutricosmetics is fairly new among women, promises of beauty have been around since women first appeared. In recent years, beauty and wellness innovations have led to new devices and ingredients, but with a ever-growing desire to keep our bodies clean and simple we’re now going back to the original source: Mother Nature. As beauty and wellness are increasingly intertwined, nutricosmetics found an opportunity to meet consumer needs in the form of natural supplements that improve beauty from the inside out. Nutri…What?! Nutricosmetics contain targeted nutrients and antioxidants that can preventively care for or treat…

Real-Life Chefs

  GOYA pays tribute to the sort-of-but-not-really chef we all are. In this General Market campaign, we paid homage to the world’s Real-Life Chefs. The campaign highlights those everyday obstacles household chefs face while in the line of duty. We are encouraged, despite our shortcomings, to continue to cook delicious, creative and masterful recipes with GOYA’s easy-to-use Latin products under the tagline “The perfect ingredients for Real-Life Chefs.” In Real-Life Chefs, culinary rules are bent, burnt and forged all in the name of making a delicious and easy dinner. The production was carried out by Letca Films and shot by…

Cultural Shifts in Hispanics Bring an End to Sábado Gigante

By: Gaby Sosa and Alex Gonzalez, Social Media Department The common denominators that tie Hispanics together are hard to pinpoint; after all, they are a diverse group. But nothing incites a bout of nostalgia for Hispanics (U.S. born, immigrants and those living in Latin America) quite like the beloved variety show Sábado Gigante, which has been airing for a record-breaking 53 years. Despite this, Sábado Gigante, for its often misogynistic and racist undertones, has become a relic rather than a relevant TV show that U.S. Hispanics turn to. Hispanics and all the groups that the term encompasses are not a stagnant…