Heineken launches its first augmented reality campaign.

  Heineken, the official beer of the Latin GRAMMY® Awards, is opening a world of extraordinary Latin experience through the brand’s first augmented reality campaign. Through October 15th, consumers can unlock the Heineken Latin Grammy®s content directly from the Heineken label on the bottle or at Heineken/Latin Grammy®s in-store point-of-sale materials such as posters, banners, and cooler stickers.   Augmented Reality, or AR, is the art of superimposing computer-generated content over a live view of the world. In this program, the augmented reality experience is a hidden video that appears on your smartphone, which is then activated when the app is…

Nissan – Vows

You could either live your life dreaming or live your dream. Choose what journey you want to follow, the new Nissan Pathfinder will take you somewhere you’ve never been. Via

Do You Take Your Coffee Tweet?

A tweet can be used to share links, media, and status updates. But could it soon be used to share Starbucks coffee? That’s the promise of a new partnership between Twitter and Starbucks which enables gift certificates to be exchanged via tweets. Called the tweet-a-coffee program, the service allows for spur-of-the-moment acts of generosity between friends, with little to no friction: Just tweet at another Twitter user in order to give a $5 digital eGift hassle-free. It’s certainly a novel marketing tool. But the larger significance here is how companies like Starbucks are gradually beginning to see Twitter as a…

Google Goes Human.

Google has built an empire with a search engine that answers your questions, and now the company hopes humans can do the same. Google on Tuesday announced Helpouts, a new tool that connects users via live video chat with experts who can help them with questions about home improvement, cooking or even medical advice. Helpouts serves as a Google-vetted marketplace where approved companies such as Sephora, One Medical and Rosetta Stone can offer their services to interested parties in real-time over live video. Via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-VFC9AQM1k

Your Next Smartphone: a TV?

Most companies are going in the direction of turning your smartphone into a TV. Microsoft is going the other way: they want to turn your TV into a smartphone. The Xbox One has a trick that few non-gamers know about (and no, it’s not this trick.) The One has a feature called HDMI pass-through, which allows you to plug your satellite or cable box into it and run your entire television experience through the filter of the Internet-connected, Skype-wielding, fantasy-sports-playing, Xbox One. Via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhe6jV-APwM

Virtual Just Got Real.

Remember that old A-ha! video from the ’80s where the virtual cartoon character eventually breaks through the wall separating his world from reality? Well… MIT has demonstrated a “Dynamic Shape Display” that can physically change shape to render 3D content. As Fast Company reports, the display is called inFORM, and it’s a large surface that sits atop a series of pins, actuators, and linkages. By moving each actuator, inFORM can move the pin it’s attached to up or down, allowing for a wide range of interactions. A projector mounted above the surface provides context to the shapeshifting pins, giving them…