The 9 most creative ways to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is at the point where every marketer needs to at least decide whether it makes sense for them and how they might best leverage it. While a built-in referral model means Pinterest is well positioned to drive sales, brands shouldn?t expect to amass millions of followers as quickly as they might expect. In the meantime, here are 9 creative uses of the new platform. Via

Cross-border Exchange.

There’s a neat symmetry to the life and career of new Club Tijuana signing Alejandro Guido. San Diego-born, Tijuana-raised, Guido used to cross the border from his home in Mexico into the United States every day to go to school and play for the San Diego Aztecs. Now 18, Guido is back border-hopping, only this time around he heads south from San Diego to Club Tijuana’s training ground. The bilingual, bicultural attacking midfielder was one of the highlights of the US team in last year’s U-17 World Cup in Mexico. Via

A Very Happy Cinco de Mayo.

You know Hispanic culture is invading society-at-large when it begins to invade, well, your underwear drawer. Enter the “Fiesta! Cinco de Mayo” panties from the experts in the business: Victoria’s Secret. While we always enjoy a shapely appreciation of cultures, unless the intent is to have you sit on the good memories of the day throughout the year, we’re unsure about the wisdom of panties you can wear only once out of every 365 days. Via

Follow that cab.

Hanging out by Penn Station today? Don?t bother with the A or C train. Hunt down the free taxi rides being offered by Nissan, who won the contract for NYC?s new taxi cabs, which will start roaming the streets next year. They boast a ton of leg room, spacious trunks, and sweet moon roofs that let you stare up at the sky like a tourist without blocking the sidewalk. (Think glass-bottom boat, turned upside down.) Via

Subway Radio.

Yuri Suzuki, a London designer, build a map of the London Underground as a working transistor radio. It’s design literally invading the inner-workings of technology. Via