7 Minutes of Terror.

Think your job is stressful? Watch this provocative video from NASA and learn what it takes to safely land a probe on the surface of Mars. After seeing it, I think I’ll stick to clearing unexploded land mines. Via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki_Af_o9Q9s

Young Brands With Long Histories.

On Facebook, The New York Times’ brand page includes a Timeline that dates back 161 years, which makes sense, considering the paper was founded in 1851. But why does the Timeline of music technology company Spotify, founded in 2006, stretch back to the 11th century? Because it’s fun and engaging, that’s why, and it helps to build the brand in an inexpensive and Millennial-friendly way. Via http://www.fastcocreate.com/1680425/young-brands-with-long-histories-facebook-timelines-allow-for-brand-storytelling-but-whats-t

Hugs for Cokes.

Coca Cola deploys an attention demanding campaign in Asia by spreading the love. In Asia Coca Cola deploys vending machines that rewards consumers with a coke when the pedestrians show a little love. The vending machines are branded with "Hug Me" across the middle. The goal of the campaign is to evoke positive emotions and tie those emotions to the global giant. Via http://designtaxi.com/news/352200/New-Coca-Cola-Vending-Machine-Dispenses-Coke-In-Exchange-For-Hugs/