Virtual Just Got Real.

Remember that old A-ha! video from the ’80s where the virtual cartoon character eventually breaks through the wall separating his world from reality? Well… MIT has demonstrated a “Dynamic Shape Display” that can physically change shape to render 3D content. As Fast Company reports, the display is called inFORM, and it’s a large surface that sits atop a series of pins, actuators, and linkages. By moving each actuator, inFORM can move the pin it’s attached to up or down, allowing for a wide range of interactions. A projector mounted above the surface provides context to the shapeshifting pins, giving them…

Which Waze Did They Go?

Google {hearts} Waze. Hard. Hard enough to pay a little over $1 Billion for them. Like other mapping services, Waze offers voice-guided GPS navigation with turn-by-turn directions. But what’s really unique about the app is its social and gamification features. Users earn points whenever they contribute road information, and as points rack up, their ranking in the Waze community rises. The app also eliminates the need for “I’m-five-minutes-away” texts to friends because users can see live updates of their buddies who use Waze, as they travel towards an event or meeting spot.  Via //

Branded to the Bone.

When something is branded well, you can feel the DNA of the brand in every piece of content it produces. Case in point: the recent example of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets’ use of Brooklyn native and street artist AVONE to design artwork for their media campaigns. You can feel the authenticity seeping out of its pores, and showing the DNA of the brand in every drop. Via

Are You a Luke or a Darth?

Want to dive into the ego and id of The Force? “Star Wars Identities” is an interactive exhibition created in collaboration with Lucasfilm. The traveling character based adventure allows you to learn more about all of the identities found throughout the Star Wars universe, while also finding out more about yourself (or your “self,” as it were). It does so by asking you a series of electronically recorded questions throughout the exhibit experience that are geared to molding who and what you might be. Once you reach the end of your journey, you are presented with a unique visual representation…

7 Minutes of Terror.

Think your job is stressful? Watch this provocative video from NASA and learn what it takes to safely land a probe on the surface of Mars. After seeing it, I think I’ll stick to clearing unexploded land mines. Via