Hispanicize 2016: How Best to Partner with Influencers

by Jenn Olian, Account Director & Carla Eboli, Chieft Marketing Officer Last week we attended Hispanicize 2016 in Miami, where we had the opportunity to meet with some of today’s most prominent Latino trendsetters, bloggers and influencers. With over 2,500 attendees, whose areas of focus range from digital content creation to tech entrepreneurship, we were able to gain insights and participate in conversations regarding how we continue making strides as marketers in the ever-evolving, hyper-fragmented, influencer space. From this, our key takeaways are summarized below: Find Influencers Who Are a Natural Fit for Your Brand While the need to establish…

Why The 2016 Elections Prove You Need A Multicultural Strategy

  The 2016 elections have so far proven to be quite unique in many aspects. Besides the “colorfulness” of the candidates we also see a significant diversity on two fronts: 1. CANDIDATES – This slate of candidates included a slew of people who are as varied as the country when it comes to ethnicity, gender, and even religion. They include Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (Hispanic), Ben Carson (Black), Bobby Jindal (Indian-American), Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina (Women), and Bernie Sanders (Jewish). 2. VOTERS – This election will have the most racially and ethnically diverse voting population in U.S. history. Specifically, 31% will…

Brands Join the 2016 (Political) Party

The 2016 election cycle has been one of the most interesting and unusual in presidential history, and with the mic on brands seem to want to jump on the political bandwagon. While some believe it’s very challenging for brands to get involved in such controversial topics – others have been able to play around and ride the wave. Voters are demanding more and more information about the issues that are close to them, and with so much information overload, some need a little help keeping up with news and updates. Some brands have facilitated this connection, while others have managed to…

Finding the Right Note: The Role of Music in Advertising

When it comes to the effects of music on humans, we have only begun to scratch the surface. Neuroscientists are making new discoveries each year that shed more light on both the physical and mental impact of music. Some recent studies have even shown how music heightens positive emotions to the point that it stimulates hits of dopamine making us feel good or even elated.  From reducing stress to relieving pain to boosting learning and memory, music is indeed a powerful force.

5 Things We Learned From Brazil 2014, To Help You With USA 2016

If you are a marketer, you probably already know that Copa America Centennial is a virtual Latin American world cup happening in major U.S. cities this summer—better said, some of your biggest markets. Chances are, you are already at the idea-development stage. Whether you have secured an official sponsorship and are in the process of executing or you’re a non-sponsor looking to ride the wave, here are 5 things we learned from Brazil 2014 that can inspire your USA 2016 big idea… and a case study video to be proud of.

Why You’re Feeling Double The Love On Hispanic Valentine’s Day

“Te amo mi vida, te quiero amigo mío”. For Hispanic culture, Valentine’s Day is all about showing some love to everyone, not just your romantic better half. Latinos aren’t shy when it comes to expressing feelings, and what seems to be a day devoted to romantic love becomes an opportunity to show affection to all the people we love: friends, family, co-workers and even acquaintances. But this notion goes beyond that stereotyped idea that Hispanics will only relate to campaigns that focus on passionate love.

Here’s Why You Will Win In-Store With A Mobile Retail Experience

by Adeline Cruz-Phillips, Account Director Mobile devices have made shopping a lot easier. As consumers continue to use devices to research products, compare prices, and purchase online; retailers are expanding their mobile retail capabilities to break down the remaining barriers between the virtual and brick-and-mortar store. According to a July 2015 ComScore Report, 191.4 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone, and 61% of U.S. Internet usage is done on mobile devices.

Is Radio Advertising Back On The Rise For Latinos?

“Video Killed The Radio Star” by the Buggles was the first music video to ever be shown on MTV when the channel launched in 1981. It became a significant message to the world that radio was on the decline and potentially on it’s way out. But is Spanish radio advertising making a comeback?   Nielsen recently released a new report that states that 97% of the U.S. Hispanic population listens to radio each week. In fact, the weekly Hispanic radio audience has grown 11% since 2011 from 36.5 million to 40.4 million listeners. It appears the radio star is not…

Find Your Brand Archetype, Find Your Followers

If you’re a moviegoer, you might be surprised to find out you know more about brand archetypes than you think you do. It’s a fancy word, but with a very important meaning for communication strategy. Have you noticed that many heroes come from a sad, fearful past? Think Batman or Luke Skywalker! Or, can you count all the characters you recall that are pure dreamers full of optimism and believe in changing the world just for goodness’ sake. Picture Amelie, Wall-E and Forest Gump sitting in the same restaurant and sharing a Coke. They symbolize something to all of us….

How Culture Plays a Major Role When Marketing to Parents

  In 1983, companies spent $100 million marketing to kids. Today, they’re spending nearly $17 billion annually. Kids not only have more spending power than ever before, but also have a huge influence on their parents’ purchase behavior. Brands know that successfully reaching kids and parents is no easy task. Winning over the parents, who usually have a final say in the product purchase, is just the first step.