The Magic Realism Drill

By Ciro Sarmiento, Chief Creative Officer 

Recently I was invited to speak at El Ojo de Iberoamérica in Buenos Aires. I opened the keynote with a brief description of what magic realism is: A Latin American literary movement created during the 30’s, where fantastic elements are added into a realistic narrative. You can see that in Gabriel García’s masterpieces “Cien años de soledad” and “El amor en los tiempos del cólera”.

Growing up in Colombia, like I did, was an experience I will always feel grateful of. It opened my eyes to all sorts of South American idiosyncrasies that most of the time didn’t make sense. But I grew up in this environment, I was molded by it, and people live happily with their realistic narrative charged with absurdities, irony, urban surrealism and non-sense.

Now North America is experiencing crazy third world events. The United States is living an era of magic realism. And Diverse-minded Americans are better prepared to turn this around than anyone. Latinos are trained to tackle adversity as it is in our DNA. A history of third world problems that we embrace with positivism, humor and ingenuity. It is now when I think Latinos will be more influential in North America. We are influencing change in Hollywood, music, politics, Broadway, social media and art. And we are influencing the economy. Over the next years, from a marketing perspective, we will see how the general market is no longer so general. And that diversity becomes a mindset in the new multicultural America.


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