Trying to Be Inclusive? Make Authenticity and Relevancy Your North Star

By Gabriela Gonzalez,  Planning Director

Have you noticed the air time that mixed race families have on ad commercials lately? There has been an explosion of racial diversity in advertising, featuring mixed-race couples and families who are now becoming part of the new normal. This is a great step to reflect today’s diverse America, where about one-in-ten newborns are multiracial. Especially because it should be to no one’s surprise that together, diverse segments (African America, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ and mixed-race households) account for the majority of the population.

Today, values such as open mindedness, inclusion, and diversity continue to be on the rise, and more so among multicultural consumers.  Brands and companies are recognizing this shift, and through research it’s shown that diverse and inclusive work matters to consumers and is well received.

To effectively BE an inclusive brand it requires more than just looking like one. It calls for Brands to re-assess their DNA, so that at the core they are wholeheartedly pursuing being Authentic and Relevant to today’s multicultural reality, through their products, offerings and social stands and NOT just on communications.

In order to be Authentic to today’s generation of diverse consumers we need to first understand that we are all consumers, and our core needs don’t change. What we can do is express these needs from a unique point of view: the vantage point of multicultural consumers. Once we are true to our consumer’s needs, brands should strive for making themselves Relevant to their lives and communities. To effectively be relevant, we need to reflect the personal aspirations, interests or cultural experiences of our target in a way that is connected to real world issues and context.

If your 2018 goal is to make your brand an inclusive one, remember it goes beyond checking the boxes of color, race, gender, etc. We must understand that while multicultural consumers may be wired differently from the “general market,” we all share core human needs. So, do not simply portray what makes them different, rather focus on what makes them relatable.

It’s never too late to set new goals.

Gabriela is an innate multicultural strategist. She is a first-generation Mexican who was born in Canada, but raised in Ciudad Juarez. Fully bilingual, she is also versed in Japanese, since she spent some time living in Japan to be immersed in the Japanese culture. She is constantly searching for ways to explore niche target consumers segments and turn findings into meaningful insights for her brands.

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