The Micro-Manifesto of Treating Advertising Like Art

By Matias Jaramillo, Director of Digital Initiatives

I love advertising. I love it because it allows me to think about images, moving images, text and typography. I love how advertising adds color and sound to the world we live in.

Before joining the advertising world, I was an artist working on commission, creating art on demand. I needed an assignment in order to think and make art. To some, that may sound very similar to advertising, but I see it a bit differently which is why I made the jump.

I believe that we the people of advertising are doing a form of art. Popular art.

And, I would like to invite all of you that work with or around this diverse industry of thinkers, doers, organizers, to look at advertising in that way.

To help you with this, I have put together my advertising micro-manifesto:

1.) Let’s make pieces that are beautiful to look at. Let’s give people a break from the ugly and the mundane.

2.) Let’s think about people’s time. Human attention is a commodity. 90 seconds? Not so much. Go for the 6. In today’s attention economy, short is better. Short is memorable. Short is now a competitive edge. Short is fast.

3.) Push your agency to sponsor ideas without having a paying client behind it (this is one of the impossible, romantic goals that I have). The agency signs it. This makes it art, right?

4.) Be a patron. Support us. Cheer us on. Help us achieve our ideas. And share the game of your protected creators.

5.) Be open to do it over and over again. As with art, restarting and modifying makes the work better. Enjoy the criticism.

6.) Invite diverse thinkers to play. Know how to think solo and get inspired by others.

7.) Don’t hoard ideas. Let others mess with them. Happy accidents always make for better work.

8.) Use the . Work directly on html, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

9.) Remember we are making art and not neuroscience. So have fun and follow your instinct and DO.

And in the spirit of art, take this list and remix it, break it, draw on it. Make it yours. Keep your ideas alive.


Dieste Inc