Provoke Weekly Holiday Edition

By Erin Clark, Strategic Planning Director

What a ride this year has been – as marketers (and consumers) we’ve all experienced what seems like endless ups, downs and loop-the-loops in 2017. So as we take a step back during this time to recharge for the new year ahead, we put together a list of our favorite holiday ads from this year that lift our spirits. Here at Dieste, we are all about finding nuances that unite people with similar interests and passions in order to connect brands with cultures. While selecting our top picks we noticed a similar message throughout that connects us all, one that celebrates the true human spirit: togetherness. Wherever you are, whatever your faith, whatever your race let us remember we are all in this together.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Dieste!


1.) Year in Search | Google (picked by Sarah, Dieste Intern)

A powerful reminder of the major events in 2017 and how together we can move forward.


2.) Bring Everyone Together | M&M’s (picked by Erin, Planning Director)

Have you ever wondered what happened after Santa and “Red” faint on Christmas Eve? After 20 years M&M’s has finally created the sequel that shows the true meaning of the holidays through the valiant efforts of “Yellow.”

(Watch the Original M&M spot from 1996 here.)


3.) Giving is a Gift to be Shared | Samsung


In a thoughtful representation of our ever-growing multicultural society, the concierge of a city apartment building celebrates the diversity of residents and togetherness throughout the holidays.


4.) Weihnachtsspot | EDEKA

A grocery store in Germany introduces us to a dystopian world in 2117 full of robots, and despite the bleakness, the ad weaves together a promising post-apocalyptic story of togetherness.


5.) Togetherness| HP


Without a doubt, the holidays also bring increased family tensions, yet this spot shows that what unites us is bigger than what divides us.


Bonus: Knee Pads | Amazon Prime


This spot originally aired in 2016, but it still stands out as a favorite. It is a perfect example of holiday peace.


Erin is a Strategic Planning Director at Dieste. She is a sucker for sappy holiday ads, loves mulled wine and has a soft spot for Clark Griswold.

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