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Meet the De Colores Collective

By Maria Yolisma Garcia, Social Media Intern

Photography by Jessica De Paz, Internal Agency Project Manager

This is part of the local creator spotlight series, in which Dieste seeks to highlight the positive change and impact everyday creators are making in the U.S. In this edition, we meet the Latinx creators of the De Colores Collective. 

Creating a Space of Their Own

Passion projects are visions with movement that are fueled by passion. For North Texas natives, Eva Arreguin and Rafael Tamayo, the passion for uplifting their community lead them to the creation of De Colores Collective.

Photo by: Jessica De Paz

The collective, which gains its namesake from the song De Colores, also directly translates to “of colors” which Arreguin mentions “allows for inclusivity for everyone of all colors and backgrounds.” It is a multifaceted project that includes art shows, parties and community events like their most recent Loteria night. However, the most important piece of their platform is their podcast. Arreguin’s love for media channeled the creation of the podcast, while the constant support from Tamayo and Arreguin’s sister, Patricia, brought it into fruition.

Launched on April 26, 2016, they have since interviewed local artists like Jeremy Biggers, Sam Lao, Edyka Chilome among others in the field of activism and local influencers. “If we don’t sit here and document our own narratives they’ll be lost. Documenting through a podcast is like a corrido that gets passed down through generations, it’s our version of storytelling.”


Podcast Revival

The art of digital storytelling is rapidly finding its way to more listeners, according to a study by Edison Research and Triton Digital, from 2006 to 2017 the percent of listeners has risen by 38%. The increase of listeners has shaped a new population of ‘Super Listeners’ who seek out to continue this increase by promoting their favorite podcast through word of mouth, and a total of 96% of people have already done so.

De Colores Radio serves as a platform to connect their audience with cultural think pieces they can listen to wherever they are. With the help of Patricia who produces the episodes, they are able to see their vision come to life each week. Through their podcast and their guests, they not only entertain their listeners but also inform them on local issues and topics otherwise not spoken about in the Latino community. They have had guests speak on mental health, immigration, and civic engagement.

Pictured: Rafel Tamayo, Eva Arreguin and Patricia Arreguin. Photo by: Misael Sandoval

Growing Conversation in Latinx Population and Continuation

Tamayo understands how important and essential these conversations are to the Latinx population stating, “we are going to do this as representatives to our people, still have fun and still have these conversations that cross the line and understand that we’re not doing things as the authority, we’re doing this to have a better conversation and understanding so we don’t speak out of ignorance.”

The dynamic between everyone flows harmoniously and the importance of communication is pivotal especially during some turbulent times for the team. For Patricia stepping into production is a “learn as I go” opportunity and taking each episode as a teachable moment, not just for production but in the ways they can take their podcast further. Working alongside her sister, as she states, has been, “a beautiful experience. It’s a lot of work and we know we can do it and we have done it together.”

For De Colores, they hope their listeners gain a sense of inspiration to also get involved. “De Colores is fueled by the people. It is bringing the voices of those in the city to express themselves to the platform that we are creating. This is yours too. We’re trying for people to understand everyone, and that we are learning with you, that is why we talk about things and work together.”

Pictured: Rafael Tamayo and Eva Arreguin at their favorite fruteria. Photo by: Jessica De Paz

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