Is Retail Killing Your Brand?

By Alejandro Martinez, Director of Marketing Intelligence

You spend a great amount of time and money creating awareness for your brand. After a while you get prospective consumers to have you in their consideration set and even on their shopping list, but at the end of the shopping trip your brand is not in their shopping cart. What happened?

A number of things could have gone wrong:

Poor visibility and/or location: Couldn’t find your brand on the shelf, or in the store, or didn’t have enough time to search for it
Poor differentiation: Don’t see much difference between your brand and others
Poor perceived value: It’s not worth it
Choice confusion: Not sure anymore what’s right for me. Too many choices. Looking at all the brands in the shelf stress me out
Last minute jitters: The brand’s nice but not necessary. Will I really use this? Will the kids like it?

Plus, if your prospective consumer didn’t buy your brand and bought your competitor’s brand, what is the likelihood of him/her buying it next time around?

This is a tough lesson many brands learn the hard way. If you don’t understand how your core target consumer shops, then you don’t understand your consumer. Brand awareness alone does not guarantee brand purchase. There are still many hurdles to overcome. 42% of supermarket shoppers spend only five seconds or less in front of the shelf, and only 25% take more than 15 seconds. Of course, brand awareness is important but packaging, price, shelf location, etc. will also have a decisive role.

In-store marketing is only part of the shopper marketing equation. Remember, the shopper marketing’s goal is to influence behavior throughout the path to purchase and to win at the point of sale. If brands don’t integrate shopper marketing to their overall marketing strategy, or if there’s a disconnect between branding, advertising, and shopper marketing then you’re not addressing the entire path to purchase and most likely not reaching your brand’s full potential.

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Alejandro is the Director of Marketing Intelligence for Dieste. His background in data analysis, strategic planning, shopper marketing, and brand management lets him effectively translate data into consumer-driven insights.

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