10 Things That Happen When You Go from Intern To Employee:

Tales Of An Unorthodox Intern

By Natasha Sabour, Jr. Copywriter

September 29th, 2017, will mark the close of my second week as an official employee of Dieste Inc., and such an auspicious occasion calls for some pondering.

I had the privilege of being part of the summer 2017 cohort of Dieste interns and the experience left quite a mark—the most obvious one being that I was later asked to stay as a full-time employee. I owe this incredible opportunity to a great many people, but I feel most indebted to the mentors from my internship. I was lucky enough to have not just one, but three mentors that are each as eccentric as they are brilliant — and they’re truly, very eccentric. I can delineate the ways they’ve helped me grow as a writer, but that would be tiresome for everyone involved. Instead, I’ll share a different story.

My mentors took a chance on someone who didn’t come from an advertising or marketing background, but still saw something in her that deserved a second look. I nearly shied away from applying to Dieste’s opportunity because I viewed my area of study as a hindrance, and not a highlight. Had I not applied, I’d never have gotten this amazing job, and I’d basically be the sad version of Gwyneth Paltrow from Sliding Doors. Instead, it was my different background (being a history and film student with an unhealthy affinity for the works of William Shakespeare) that caught their eye. What most people would view as inexperience or lack of qualifications, they viewed as a chance to introduce a little more diversity to an already talented and diverse group of individuals. It was their forward thinking and willingness to take a risk by choosing an unorthodox intern applicant that got my foot in the door and eventually my seat at the desk. As a celebration/thank you for this new career advancement, I’d like to take a moment to share the benefits of moving from intern status to full time employee.


The Preliminary List of Benefits & Advantages of Going from Intern to Employee

No Longer Greeting the Sun as it Breaks Over the Horizon

Sharing the same wake-up call as the sunrise was cool for a minute, but you know what’s even cooler? An extra hour of sleep.


Reclaiming Old Radio Habits

Due to the later arrival time, sitting in soul-crushing morning traffic is a thing of the past; it’s just emotionally harrowing now. The better news: you can trade in Serial for Spotify.


Blankets are the New LBD of Office Chic

Why use something so conventional as clothing to prevent you from inadvertently entering cryo-sleep when you can enjoy the plush comforts of bedding to prevent hypothermia?


Moving Past Your Infatuation with Emails

Due to the barrage of emails you will get as a new employee, the level of endorphins produced from hearing Outlook’s familiar little ‘ding’ will decrease substantially. It’s completely normal; it’s a sign of maturation.

Sweet New Digs

When you level up in the professional world, you’ll get to sit in a comfy, new chair. If your chair game hasn’t improved, you didn’t get full-time status.

Business Cards

Will you ever use them? It’s debatable. They probably won’t be serving their conventional purpose, but will you love them anyway? You bet you will.


More People Know Who You Are

There will be a 3% increase in the number of people who know your name in the office. Adding that to the existing 5% who already knew your name, you’ve got some really promising growth.


No Stench Equals No Love

Don’t feel self-conscious about bringing ethnic cuisine to microwave in the office kitchen. Your co-workers will still love you. You could even burn popcorn (the cardinal sin of microwave etiquette) and still expect a hero’s welcome as you parade the singed bag back to your desk.


Using the Word “co-worker”

“Fellow intern” is the Mr. Pibb to “co-worker’s” Dr. Pepper. They’re the same thing but who drinks Mr. Pibb?


Official Invitation to Adopt a Side-Hustle

When you become a full-time employee, you devote the majority of your day to your work. This means that you now get the optional benefit to work furtively on a side hustle*.

*Immediate supervisor, if you’re reading this, I would never dare to work on a side hustle.


Jokes aside, reflecting back on my experience made me wonder, how many people have kept themselves from a great opportunity strictly due to a fear of gatekeepers who are more concerned with straightforward candidates? It’s risky to broaden the applicant pool, but I’d like to believe the benefits pay off. Being surrounded by people with the same interests, upbringing, beliefs, or experiences can be comforting, but its effect on growth can be limiting. People with different life experiences are able to bring with them new perspectives, insights, and observations that lead to original ideas.

I’m still so new to this world and there are moments when I’m almost out of breath trying to keep up with the fast-paced environment, but I’m keeping perspective and getting there. To anyone who has inched to the edge of the precipice and is unsure of taking a leap towards fulfilling new opportunities, do not shy away! Reach for unfamiliar prospects with wild abandon and trust that the people on the other side, the ones who value the idea that a diverse skill-set leads to quality work, are the ones who will catch you in a welcoming embrace.


Natasha lives off of good movies, Shakespeare, and her Spotify premium account. She is an ardent believer that ‘the world is but one country and mankind its citizens’. It takes her 2-3 business days to respond to text messages and she’s not sorry about it.

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