By Ciro Sarmiento, Chief Creative Officer

With Cannes right around the corner, now is a good time to reflect on the impact creative festivals have on the industry. Good or bad, creative festivals exist to celebrate the work that shows guts. Somewhere, someone had the guts to sell an uncomfortable idea and now juries recognized that sacrifice. Some of the most beautiful things you see in the world were built upon rebellion and the ability to say no. You simply cannot sell outstanding creative by pleasing everybody in the room.

Last month, the D&AD took place in London and I was invited to be part of the jury. During the voting process they asked us to consider three things:

  1. Is the idea original and inspiring?
  2. Is it exceptionally well executed?
  3. Is it relevant to its context?

After walking down the hallways of the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, looking at all the inspiring work in design, packaging, direct or print I couldn’t stop thinking about how much our process could improve if we took those three guidelines and applied them to our daily jobs, asking ourselves these questions:

Is the tension in the brief original and inspiring?

Is the data relevant to its context?

Is the director the right fit to execute the idea exceptionally?

It is really that simple. Try it.

As big networks get bigger and small creative shops get faster, we are challenged to face an entire new era where everything is “king” except creativity. My invitation is to care and communicate with each other. We will be surprised by how much we can get done if our main goal as an agency and as an industry is to offer the best work for our clients. And the smartest clients WILL get the bravest work. So one last word: EXECUTE!



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