A Secret To Outstanding Ideas:

Being Multi-Everything

by Leirum Rivas, Copywriter
Talking about diversity in our industry is a given these days. The ad world is filled with people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds seeking out impressive advertising ideas. Increasingly, companies are interested in hires that bring something new and fresh to the table.

Brainstorming boosts when being challenged with nuances, anecdotes and insights from the most unexpected places. Storytelling enriches by integrating this mix and becomes a powerful tool in a time of increasing competitiveness.

Creative solutions from all brands are growing, multiple stories are showing in multiple devices at the same time and the fact that our attention span is getting shorter keeps making it harder for ideas to stand out.

Being multicultural is taking a step further into interesting ideas, but in order to come up with more unique and engaging content for brands we need to add even more layers.


Multicultural Meets Multidisciplinary

I like thinking about advertising minds like Legos. Brilliant thinking is built on a great amount of information. Companies are not just looking to hire a position as much as a person with passion points, hobbies, alternative studies and interests that are not necessarily related with the industry.

For example, if a copywriter is a film critic who has a passion for horror classics, that passion brings yet another interesting layer to the work and storytelling. If, on top of this, this person comes from different cultural backgrounds, even more exciting ways to tell a story may emerge.
Matthew Duntemann, Senior Vice President for Creative at Nickelodeon believes in a Multidisciplinary philosophy:

“I think every designer who works for me is a multidisciplinary kind of person — to think of someone as just a graphic designer is such a limiting title… We actually try to get to a place where people can’t copy us”

Laura Bolt for Aiga

It’s All About The People

We live in a people-centric era. Advertising ideas are no longer aiming directly to the benefits of a product, but rather resolving a relevant problem or honoring a human truth. Advertising not only shows, but also has to inspire — and our audience is well aware of it.

A good creative can deliver good ideas, but a “multi-creative” can deliver them with a unique perspective. A multidisciplinary person grabs inspiration from many places and ads layers of richness if he also comes from different cultural backgrounds. The results are amazing!

Multi-professionals always have passions projects or hobbies; maybe they started their careers in some other industry. Their mindset is open to try new things, they explore, and they’re nonconformist.

Picture a creative director who has a career in musical studies and had his own band. He wrote his own lyrics and on top of that he has a Guatemalan background with diverse musical references. At Dieste, we have our very own multi-talented chapín creative director Alex Campo, who’s constantly pushing the limits of creativity. And stories similar to his exist all across the industry.

We are storytellers. By embracing our multidisciplinary side and working with agencies that recognize it, we are gearing up for something wonderful.

From left to right: Danny Villanueva, Group Account Director, Matias Jaramillo, Director of Digital Initiatives, and Sam Moeller, Account Supervisor. Can you guess what else they have extensive backgrounds in? Check out the answer below!*

How Does It Help The Business?

  • More rich and imaginative content for brands
  • Flexible perspective to find unique ways to solve problems
  • Stronger multi-skilled teams
  • A more collaborative environment
  • The ability to speak and be relevant to multiple audiences


We invite you to get to know our people and discover the passions that drive them to think up breakthrough advertising ideas. At Dieste we believe in the power of diversity. Be sure to subscribe to Provoke Weekly to learn more about the ever-changing face of multicultural advertising and the people who transform it.



*Danny has a BA in English Literature, a BA in Psychology, an MA in Communications, an MA in Psychology, and a PhD in Anthropology. Matias has a BFA in Performance/Video from the San Francisco Art Institute. Sam is a US Army veteran who served 10 years as a Signals Intelligence Analyst/Cultural Support Leader. She has a BFA in Drawing and Design from Old Dominion University.


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