Bring On 2017

by Erin Clark, Strategic Planning Director & Provoke Weekly Editor

The holiday season often sparks a lot of retrospection, and we begin to anticipate what lies ahead in the year to come. Without a doubt there have been some tremendous changes in the marketing and advertising industry in the past year. Mobile has continued to disrupt, media has grown more fragmented, data and analytics are even more at the forefront, and clients are demanding more collaboration between agencies than ever before. Just take a look at the outcome of some of the largest agency reviews by P&G, McDonald’s and AT&T.


Gone are the days of “Mad Men” advertising when the business was predictable and relatively unchanging for decades. We now live in a world of short attention spans, ad blocking, addressability, artificial intelligence, and chatbots. It’s clear that agencies must become more agile and more personal in order to compete and stay relevant with their audiences.


And while it’s necessary and helpful to learn from the past, here at Dieste Inc., we’re all about moving forward. So, in the spirit of setting New Year’s resolutions (I’m still working on mine), I took a few minutes to chat with Tony Dieste, Founder & Chairman, and Greg Knipp, CEO, to ask them what lies ahead for our agency and the industry. Take a look and bring on 2017!


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