Provoke Weekly Holiday Edition

by Wegs, Chief Idea Officer

Merry Marketing!

For marketers, the holidays may truly be the most wonderful time of the year. For it’s not only a time of great commerce, but heartfelt emotions that make for memorable storytelling.

So to celebrate our final Provoke Weekly of 2016, Dieste would like to share three fine examples of holiday marketing:

1) Amazon Prime, “Knee Pads”

Most ads don’t stand a prayer. This spot revolves around two. One by an Imam and one by a Vicar, two men of the cloth who weave one story of holiday peace.  

2) Sonos & Spotify, “#PlaylistPotluck”

Music is the food of the soul. So why not invite your guests to a musical potluck where they can create a smorgasbord of great songs for everyone to enjoy at your next holiday gathering? #PlaylistPotluck is a great demonstration of both the product and holiday marketing.

3) Coca Cola, “Big Santa”

Never lose the spirit of Christmas. That’s the simple message of this charming experiential effort caught on video by the brand that practically created holiday marketing.

For more insights on culturally impactful marketing for anytime of the year, reach out to Dieste, the three time AdAge Multicultural Agency of the Year.

And on behalf of all of us at Dieste…

Happy Holidays!

Dieste Inc