by Ciro Sarmiento, Chief Creative Officer

We hear data is king, media is king, content is king and so on. But what about creativity? Isn’t creativity what makes data smarter? Isn’t creativity what makes media impactful? Isn’t creativity what makes content engaging? Creativity is the ability to fix under pressure in a unique way, inside an agency and across all departments. So believe it or not: Creativity should be king.


We should believe that insights could be magical if paired with solid creative ideas. Data will make it relevant and creativity will make it unique. When we find the context we’ll be standing in front of a white canvas, only halfway. Thankfully, numbers and analytics will give us freedom; we will have the chance to write riskier creative without any risk. But be bold.


So now what?


You are stuck in an elevator with your consumer, you finally know who she is, what he likes, where she lives, what he reads, what music she listens to. You have her right in front of you for a few seconds. What are you going to say? I’m sure it won’t be this: “Hi Cindy, you are 34 years old, you have a daughter who is growing up between your Latin American roots and the North American culture. See? I get you! You like coffee? Me too!” No. You will probably wait, think of a strategy, write a unique approach, rewrite and get ready for the next time you see this person.


Today more than ever, what will make us stand out is the ability to solve problems with creativity at the speed of light. Today more than ever, when publishers are becoming agencies, when Matthew McConaughey is an Executive Creative Director, when Funny or Die write the funniest videos for brands online, we have to bring creativity back to our business.


Finally this…


The best creatives I know come in on time and leave on time. They work really hard with their teams and when they get home they are still in creative mode planning on side-projects, writing, painting. Doing. The best creatives are the ones who care more than the careless bystander. They love what they do to the point they can’t sleep. So cheers to them and Long Live Creativity!




Enjoy “The man who walked around the world” – A beautifully crafted film starred by Robert Carlyle and one of my all-time favorite ads.





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