The Changing Face of Thanksgiving

by Dannely Flores-Kramer, Account Planning Director

As we approach the holidays, kicking off the season with Thanksgiving, we start thinking of all the delicious dishes and flavors we’ll soon savor. Although Thanksgiving’s signature dishes are crave-worthy for some, in many households (especially those with millennials) these dishes are changing and are anything but traditional.


Fusion in More than Just Food

Our country is undergoing a big demographic shift, which includes more diverse ethnicities and an influential millennial group, which in turn is driving the fusion of more regional ethnic ingredients and bold flavors into the new mainstream American Cuisine. Now, any given Thanksgiving dinner can feature your original staple turkey, but the stuffing and the side dishes may very well have an ethnic twist, all coming together in their own kind of way; some may call it weird, others may call it exotic.



Not-So-Traditional Traditions

My own family is a mix of generations – millennials, Gen Xers, boomers and GenWe – and babies that belong to the “TBD” Generation. On top of that, we come from Mexican, Irish, German and Indian backgrounds, which sets the scene for an anything-but-traditional Thanksgiving meal. We have turkey with a traditional cornbread and meat stuffing, but we also have tamales and salsa, Indian style Aloo potatoes instead of mashed potatoes, and one of our favorites: my mother-in-law’s Mexican flan. Holiday meals like this are gaining popularity among Americans and are becoming the norm.


Just like the shift in population, our kitchens are also getting more diverse, and not only during the holidays. According to Mintel, “Nearly three fourths of all American adults find themselves interested in food and food culture discussions.” People’s relationship with food is quickly evolving not only on special occasions, but also on an everyday basis.


How Dieste Gets Down

Here at Dieste, one of our favorites things during the holidays is our Thanksgiving potluck, where everyone in the agency brings one of their favorite dishes. Given the makeup of our agency, our dishes bring their 15152991_10154921474758968_1394638916_oflavor from very diverse corners of the world. From Mexico and Guatemala to Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Brazil, and all the way from Spain, every year we get to enjoy deliciousness from all over.


This year, among several other treats, we sampled Colombian empanadas, tabbouleh, flan, Puerto Rican coquito, Brazilian piña colada cake, Salvadoran pupusas, and Spanish tortilla – not to mention the traditional turkey and our very own Texas BBQ.


No matter what dish we bring to the table, what is enjoyed the most is the camaraderie. Despite demographical changes, what hasn’t changed is the true purpose of the holiday: bringing people together no matter where you’re from and celebrating friendship and diversity.


So, from our Dieste family to yours… Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


Special thanks to Emiro Echenagucia for his photography

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