How To Master Storytelling And Rise Above The Noise

By Ashley Dieste, Intern (Author) and Tony Dieste, Chairman (Contributor)

Today’s digital world has expanded storytelling through devices, platforms, and channels where consumers are exposed to thousands of messages a day. People and brands are posting, sharing and delivering messages at an astonishing rate. But the question is… are we – the consumer – listening? Or is it just noise?

How To Break Through With Video

The marketing and media landscape has never been more cluttered, and breaking through this morass of messaging noise has never more difficult. Effective storytelling, and the ability to be emotive, or provide utility, has become increasingly harder to deliver. Today’s successful agencies use data to inform their insights, targeting and creative decisions but are also adept storytellers and are able to create an emotional engagement between the content (message) and the brand—and they usually do it in different and unexpected ways. Bigger is not always better, and today’s successful storytellers come in different sizes and categories. From Yeti Coolers and CNS Language Schools to Volvo and Chipotle. But regardless of the brand, the challenge is the same—how to break through the noise? So, as you embark on your next concepting brainstorm, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I truly telling a story or trying to sell my product straight up and forcing a story?
  2. Is my approach and story unique? Is it informative? Will it make the viewer cry, laugh, or experience an emotion?
  3. Is the outcome of the story unexpected and compelling enough for the brand and its most passionate consumers?
  4. Does the brand have a reason to share the story? Does the brand play a part or role.

Learn From Proven Storytelling Examples

I’ve curated a few branded video examples from different categories that utilize this type of effective storytelling, while driving a deeper and more positive association with the brand. Bring a tissue, a smile and some laughter I hope you enjoy!

Dove – Choose Beautiful 


Quaker – The Recital


Pepsi – Uncle Drew


Always – Like a Girl


Ad Council – Love Has No Labels


WestJet – Christmas Miracle


Canon – The Decoy 


Yeti Coolers- The Malloy Brothers

CNS Language Schools- Speaking Exchange


Volvo- The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test)


Chipotle- The Scarecrow

At Dieste we look into each project as an opportunity to effectively reach our multicultural audience and give brands an authentic storytelling. Be sure to subscribe to Provoke Weekly to find out more.

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