Everyday Latina Leaders Making a Difference:

Meet Susan Jaramillo

by Arianna Santiago – Planning Intern

This is part of the Latinas spotlight series, in which Dieste seeks to highlight the positive change and impact everyday Latinas are making in the U.S. In this edition we meet Susan Jaramillo from Canticos World.

After visiting Susan Jaramillo’s website CanticosWorld, which features bilingual educational tools aimed at toddlers, we were humming the adorable phrase “Pío Pío” for a good two hours. In my household, I grew up with both the children’s song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” AND the Latino nursery rhyme “Los Pollitos Dicen.” This is true for about 60% U.S. adult Hispanics, who are speaking both Spanish and English in and out of the home (Pew Research 2015). With the U.S. approaching 60 million Hispanics (U.S. Census 2016) and growing, that’s a lot of kids that will be saying Pío Pío!

For brands, the increasing number of bilingual Hispanics means that reaching out to consumers with a multicultural strategy is a must. For parents, 95% of Hispanics believe it is important for future generations to speak Spanish (Pew Research 2015). As U.S. children are growing up in an increasingly multicultural America, Latino and non-Latino parents alike are looking to develop resources to increase their children’s language skills.

Susan Jaramillo is one of those parents. Known by her friends as Susie, Susie is a Venezuelan-American building the family entertainment company Canticos, which features children stories inspired by Latin American culture. Through apps, books, and videos serving as bilingual educational tools, children are taught Latino nursery rhymes adapted in both Spanish and English. Join us in saying “Pío Pío” as Susan shares with us her passion project.

Take a look at Susie’s behind-the-scenes footage to learn more.


Share your Passion

1.) How would you summarize “Canticos” to a 6 year-old?

Canticos is a world of cute and funny little animal friends who sing catchy songs and make you laugh. You can play with them on your phone or read about them in books! You can also see them come completely to life on our  YouTube channel.

2.) What makes your books, videos, and apps stand out?

There is a massive white space in the market when it comes to content for kids that leverages Latin American culture, even though 1/4th of U.S. kids under the age of 10 are Hispanic. We stand out with the quality of our production, our mission, and our Latin appeal.

3.) Why is “Canticos” personally important to you?

 I love providing moms with something to share their language and culture that makes them proud, that is beautifully made and of high quality, and that their kids will love, not because it’s Latin, but because it’s awesome.

4.) How many times did you want to give up on this project? Never. I’m stubborn. I know the last twenty years of my career have been training wheels for exactly this. I know this was what I was meant to do.

5.) What motivates you to keep going? I’ve been lucky enough to receive tremendous validation for what I’m doing and the support of entertainment heavyweights. I now have partners who are media, marketing, and tech experts. I also have a tremendously supportive partner in my husband! He’s my CTO and my best friend.

6.) Words to live by… Do what you came here to do and don’t let the world get in your way. 

Dieste is continuously seeking to understand America’s multicultural audience. If you know a Latina who is utilizing her Latino/American identity as an edge to get ahead, to give back to the community, or simply as a way to give wings to her creativity, send an email to ggonzalez@dieste.com so we can feature her!


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