Young Creatives Win Ad Age Cover Contest 2016 Cannes Edition

This week, we interviewed our very own Nicholas Ross and Nicole Hamilton who won this year’s Ad Age Cover Contest for the Cannes edition on their creative inspiration.



If a single word can describe what really moves consumers nowadays, we’d say “experiential”. What they have in common is an engaging component, or aspect, that allowed consumers to be part of them.

Unforgettable campaigns involved and added value to consumers, leading to a more rewarding experience than the traditional “contemplation”, “one-way campaigns” that ran our creative industry for many decades.

“Experience the cover” was the idea behind the winning design of Ad Age’s Young Creatives Cover Competition. It’s the integration of two media channels – print and digital – in an engaging and rewarding experience. Two media channels that we don’t see integrated very often – other than the electronic version of printed magazines/newspaper.

In this year’s Ad Age cover, the audience was invited to bring the idea to life, being an integral part of the project. We spoke to Nicholas and Nicole to understand the idea, creative process and challenges they went through. Enjoy it!

For more information, check out Ad Age’s article.

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