Everyday Latina Leaders Making a Difference:

Meet Lola Dweck

by Gabriela Gonzalez, Planning Director

Today’s Latinas are promoting positive change, fueling economic growth and personal advancement with their limitless drive and energy. And they do it utilizing their 200% identity – fully Latinas and fully Americans – to lead, create and express their unique vision.

In an effort to better understand them, we requested story submissions from Latina leaders to serve as an example for brands and marketers eager to connect with them. In this edition, we meet Lola Dweck, from Lola’s Cocina blog. We’ll learn how Lola’s desire to preserve her grandma’s recipes led her to launch her successful blog, which then opened the doors to begin imparting workshops and classes in key cultural centers aimed at advancing cultural openness in the United States.

As if her story isn’t already inspiring enough, she still carves out time to give back as a mentor to young Latinas through Mana de San Diego and as a volunteer cook for women’s shelters.

And last but definitely not least; she’s currently raising her son during one of the most challenging phases in childhood – the terrible twos.

P.S. To get you closer to Lola’s passion and drive, you have to listen to a song that she feels speaks about her life: “Whatever Lola Wants”


Name:  Dolores “Lola” Dweck

Cultural Background: Mexican-American

Currently working as: Founder and Publisher of Lola’s Cocina, a Mexican food and travel blog

Words to live by: On the ladder to success, keep one hand up reaching for the top, and the other reaching down, to help those behind you.” Martin Curiel


Share your Passion

1. What are your three biggest passions in?
Family, food, and travel. My blog Lola’s Cocina, is a snippet of these passions because it allows me to share and preserve my family’s rich cooking traditions and the memorable destinations where I’ve traveled, which ultimately influence and inspire my work.

2. What is Lola’s Cocina recipe for success?  Authenticity. It has always been important for me to be genuine in everything that I do, whether it be creating recipes or establishing and maintaining relationships that are critical to my success. I have also had to define my own success. For me, it is measured by how many people I’ve touched or inspired through my work. One of the driving forces behind my blog has been to promote my cultural heritage with the hopes of inspiring others to appreciate Mexico’s beauty, food, and traditions.

3. What challenges did you encounter or are currently experiencing?  Starting something from scratch is no easy feat and growing my viewer base in order to begin monetizing my blog has presented its challenges. I also became a new mom two years ago, which means that time is scarce and I’m not always able to accomplish everything that I set out to do each day. This is why I believe in asking for help when necessary and maintaining a strong support network.

4. Did you ever feel like giving up?  I’ve never wanted to give up, it just took me over 10 years to start it.

5. Who and what motivated you to keep going?  My grandmother and namesake Dolores “Lola” Drieslein inspired (and continues to inspire) much of my work. When she passed away eleven years ago, I realized that if someone didn’t take the time to capture our cherished family recipes and traditions, they would be lost through the generations. The thought of never being able to recreate grandma Lola’s famous red salsa or her Christmas tamales sparked the chispa and motivated me to formally document her recipes and the stories behind them.

6. What makes Lola’s Cocina stand out from other cooking blogs?  Lola’s Cocina is a passion project that blends my favorite family recipes, stories, and traditions. I believe that my academic research and experience abroad in Mexico has provided me with a fresh perspective that comes through when creating recipes and stories for my blog and when teaching my cooking classes.


Dieste is continuously seeking to understand the nuances of the multicultural audiences. If you know a Latina who is utilizing her Latino/American identity as an edge to get ahead, give back to the community or simply as a way to give wings to her creativity, send an email to ggonzalez@dieste.com so we can feature her.

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