Got Your Game Face On For Copa América Centenario?

by Ruben Terrazas, Copy Editor/Translator


Dieste is a leader in multicultural marketing and diversity in the workplace – and we have the faces to prove it!



Employees at Dieste, like the teams soon to vie over the Copa América Centenario, come from many places. Diversity is one of the things that make Dieste unique, with a variety of faces representing the U.S. as a whole. We thought it’d be exciting (and we’re not the only ones) to show off some of the countries we have a personal connection to by showcasing our pretty mugs wearing some of the participating national colors.
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Photo credit: Copa América Centenario


True, it’d be awesome if we have someone from every of the 16 countries playing (we’re looking at you Jamaica, Haiti, Paraguay, Bolivia and Panama) and we have many more people at our offices whose country won’t be at Copa América Centenario, but the point is: If you’re looking for a team deeply knowledgeable and committed to a multicultural audience, then look no further and visit us at


Copa America InfoPhoto credit: Copa América Centenario


Why Should Marketers Care about Copa América Centenario?

• It is the oldest international continental fútbol competition, celebrating its 100th anniversary

• This is the first time the Copa is played outside of South America

• The projected per game audience on Univision will be larger than the 2014 FIFA World Cup (the World Cup final set a U.S. record with 26.5 million viewers)

• Virtually every major team of interest to U.S. Hispanics is represented

• Star power – think Messi, Neymar, James, Chicharito, Dempsey. The top 10 players in Copa América have a combined 750 million follower fan base in social media

• 32 games will be played in 10 of the largest U.S. cities in stadiums with 50K+ capacity


Don’t forget, Copa América Centenario kicks off this Friday with the U.S. playing Colombia.


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