Help Spread the Word About Latinas Making a Difference

by Gabriela Gonzalez, Planning Director

26 million strong and growing

$1.4 trillion in purchasing power

1,469,991 businesses

Source: US. Census 2014

Latinas today are coming into their own, promoting positive change with their limitless drive and energy. All by utilizing their 200% Identity as a springboard to inspire, create and express their unique vision.

What is the 200% Identity?

 The 200% Identity alludes to 64% of the Hispanic population[1] who are not caught in the middle questioning if they are either Latino or American. Why would they, when they can be both 100% Latino and 100% American? As Latinos embrace their cultural duality, they unleash a unique advantage – call it their cultural edge.

Latino’s cultural edge is the combination of a strong set of Latino values, traditions and overall exposure to their culture, coupled with American values and opportunities. With this edge, Latinos are successfully making a positive impact at home, their communities and the world.


Spotlight on Latinas

 For a couple of years now we’ve heard the term Nueva Latinas as a force to be reckoned with, and we want to help them by shining a spotlight on Latinas who are making the most of their cultural edge.

As a communication strategist, for me it is essential to have a clear picture of these new-generation Latinas – the ones who in ways both big and small are giving back to their communities and culture. And most importantly, those who are contributing to make sure the next generation retains and develops their own cultural edge.

Dieste wants to feature Latinas’ stories. If you know a Latina who is utilizing her Latino/American identity as an edge to get ahead, give back to the community or simply as a way to give wings to her creativity, send an email to and we will feature their stories to serve as an inspiration to other Latinas and as an example for brands and marketers eager to connect with Latinas.

Thank you in advance for helping Dieste deepen our understanding of the multicultural audience and in turn further advance the cultural openness and inclusion growth in the U.S.


[1] Source: Ethnifacts, 2014

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