Hispanicize 2016:

How Best to Partner with Influencers

by Jenn Olian, Account Director & Carla Eboli, Chieft Marketing Officer

Last week we attended Hispanicize 2016 in Miami, where we had the opportunity to meet with some of today’s most prominent Latino trendsetters, bloggers and influencers. With over 2,500 attendees, whose areas of focus range from digital content creation to tech entrepreneurship, we were able to gain insights and participate in conversations regarding how we continue making strides as marketers in the ever-evolving, hyper-fragmented, influencer space. From this, our key takeaways are summarized below:

Source: @Dimemedia

Source: @Dimemedia

Find Influencers Who Are a Natural Fit for Your Brand

While the need to establish positive relationships between brands and consumers is a given, there was a fair amount of conversation at Hispanicize regarding the need for mutually beneficial relationships to be cultivated between brands and their network of bloggers and influencers. Partnering with influencers who present a natural fit for the brand allows for the most organic content to be developed, according to audience preferences and lifestyle. “I only work with brands that I like, the ones that I really trust,” said Latina beauty influencer Jackie Hernandez. Asking influencers to promote products that are misaligned with what they stand for dilutes their brand, the ability to deeply connect with their followers and the credibility of the message. “Brands are not buying my opinion,” said Ms. Hernandez.

Give Influencers Flexibility When it Comes to Content Development

Influencers work better when brands give them flexibility to develop content that is relevant to their own specific audience. It sounds obvious, right? But according to bloggers and influencers we met at Hispanicize, a large number of brands still micromanage the content development process. “Our followers feel when the message is scripted. Brands need to let bloggers be themselves, that is what creates true engagement,” said Laura Sanchez, a Latina beauty influencer pointed by Seventeen Magazine as one of the top 5 Latina beauty video bloggers or vloggers.

It’s Not All About the Numbers

While reach has been a long-standing metric by which agencies and brands determine the right communication vehicles, this shouldn’t be the only metric considered when evaluating influencers. The engagement paradigm is shifting – “likes” no longer carry as much weight as it relates to consumer engagement, especially when you consider that Facebook generates 4.5 billion likes each day*. According to Divina Rodriguez, co-founder and editor of Dancing Hotdogs, sometimes it makes more sense for a brand to partner with an influencer that has fewer followers, but generates a higher level of engagement.

We can hardly wait to apply everything we learned at Hispanicize 2016 from these talented internet stars! Find out more about marketing trends and how to engage your multicultural audience by following Dieste Inc., a multicultural advertising agency located in Dallas, Texas and New York.

*Source: Zephoria Digital Marketing – Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics