Here’s Why You Will Win In-Store With A Mobile Retail Experience

by Adeline Cruz-Phillips, Account Director

Mobile devices have made shopping a lot easier. As consumers continue to use devices to research products, compare prices, and purchase online; retailers are expanding their mobile retail capabilities to break down the remaining barriers between the virtual and brick-and-mortar store.

According to a July 2015 ComScore Report, 191.4 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone, and 61% of U.S. Internet usage is done on mobile devices.

When you look at U.S. Hispanics, the numbers are even higher. Latinos over-index on mobile and data usage, thus making them a prime segment for merchants. Moreover, according to the latest Simmons HHCS Winter 2015 study, 1/3 of USH consumers use smartphones while in the store when making purchasing decisions. This is a great opportunity for retailers, as Hispanics tend to use their mobile devices to look up shopping-related apps/websites and product reviews. The proliferation of tablets and mobile phones has also created new opportunities for retailers to enhance customer service.

More and more retailers are using mobile retail apps and data to provide value to their customers and further drive dollar-spending both online and offline. In fact, within the next 3 years –

  • 286% more retailers plan to deploy mobile POS.
  • 165% more retailers plan to offer personalized recommendations via customer-facing mobile.
  • 56% of retailers plan to accept Apple Pay.
  • 59% of retailers plan to identify customers when they walk in the store via their smartphones.
  • 70% of retailers plan to utilize Beacon technology in stores.

As most retailers know, success comes from a deep understanding of the consumer – and consumers are always evolving. With that, retailers are digging below the surface and analyzing consumer-purchasing patterns. An example of this is the Dallas-based retailer Neiman Marcus who enforced the SoLoMo model (social, location, mobile) through their dedicated mobile app to effectively connect sales associates with customers while in the store to deliver the “personal shopper” experience.

This is one way that big data and mobile retail is being used to evolve shopper experience and increase store cash register rings in the U.S., but as technology continues to develop, retailers will continue playing catch up to effectively reach their customers.

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