How Rising Latino Voters Will Drive A New Political Marketing Age

Latino Voters

The 2016 presidential election may be a year away but the campaigns are already in full swing with Latino voters taking note! Many of the candidates are dominating the headlines for both good and bad reasons, particularly Donald Trump and his derogatory comments about the Latino community. If candidates haven’t learned yet, insulting the Latino community only empowers us to unite so our voices can be heard.  If the candidates do not realize how integral the Latino community is before Election Day, it could be detrimental to their campaigns and their hope of becoming the next president.

The Latino Voter Population Is The Biggest It’s Ever Been

We’ve heard it before: Latinos are quickly becoming the largest minority group in the nation. It is estimated that Latinos will represent 19 percent of the total U.S. population by 2020.  As the Latino population continues to grow, so does the Latino electorate. The number of eligible Latino voters is expected to reach 27 million next year (3 million more than 2012) while the Latino vote is expected to pass 13 million in the 2016 election.  With the rise in numbers, Latino voters could very likely determine who our next president will be.

The Issues Matter…But So Does Messaging

People typically vote for candidates based on their stance on issues such as immigration, economic policy, social issues, etc.  However, for those of us immersed in the multicultural marketing world, we know that how you message each community can be equally important.

Putting out an ad in Spanish doesn’t necessarily endear the Latino community to a certain candidate. Candidates need to understand our community – what issues matter to us, what values are important, how are you reaching us out, etc. While this may be a political landscape, it is the same message we tell our corporate clients about the Latino consumer. Different worlds but same rules apply.

The Rise of A New Hispanic, Political Marketing Age?

For the past few elections, political candidates have begun to realize the power of Latino voters and started hiring Latino outreach staff to assist in their campaign efforts.  Who better to provide cultural insights and a marketing strategy than a Hispanic marketing agency? The same consumer we reach out to on a daily level from a brand sense is the same person voting at the polls. Could there be a rise of a new Hispanic political/marketing age? It seems the next year leading up to the 2016 presidential campaign may by very telling, especially for those watching the rising population of Latino voters.

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