How to Cultivate a Multicultural Creative Mind


Have you ever wondered how the greatest ideas in advertising come to life? What if we told you that being multicultural helps in the creation of unique ideas? Yep, being multicultural.

It doesn’t matter if you were born in Brazil, Spain, Australia, South Africa or the United States. The secret to being a truly outstanding creative can be summarized in two words that represent multiculturalism: curiosity and empathy.

These two also represent the way consumers relate to brands and their content. People are curious about new content, which they can identify with or relate to on a very personal level. Creatives are listening and striving to look for ideas based on these two concepts.

When we are curious, we seek different backgrounds and references. We’re eager to learn from what we stumble upon. Meanwhile, when we are empathic, we understand and place ourselves in other people’s shoes, which is necessary to craft relevant content. That’s the way stories populate our minds and fuel our ideas. However, being a multicultural creative comes from an attitude rather than just being born in another country. It’s a mindset.

A good creative thinks local, but a great creative thinks multicultural. Is there a secret to multicultural marketing? Not really – it’s just having an open mind and following some good practices:

At Dieste, we value the interesting mixture that comes from a multicultural “attitude.” Our team involves people from diverse countries and cultures but, above all, it comprises minds eager to experiment.

If we practice this philosophy daily, whether we come from creative teams, brand leadership, production or any other, we will be aiming for the best ideas. Keep up with a more creative way of thinking by subscribing to Dieste Inc.’s Provoke Daily.