Data Joins Creative at the DMA’s &Then 2015 Conference

AndThen 2015 DMA

Eduardo Rocha, Sr. Copywriter

We joined hundreds of marketers from around the world at Direct Marketing Association’s &Then 2015 conference. Creatives, technologists, strategists and data experts shared insights, challenges and best practices in data-driven marketing. We came away with deeper insights into the interaction between data and creative.

Taming the Unstructured Data Jungle

If we accept that the role of data is to inspire great creative, we’re going to be seeing a lot of inspiration soon. That’s because shortly, multicultural marketers might benefit from data that lets them target their messages taking into account not just culture and language, but even emotion.

Not only are we producing more data, but technology is also getting better at interpreting unstructured data like audio, video, word processing documents and more.

Marketing: it’s elementary

Remember Watson? IBM’s supercomputer has been up to a lot since it won Jeopardy! It’s been learning to think, take huge amounts of text and analyzing it not just for what it says, but for what it implies: personality, tone, emotional state and more.

It’s pretty interesting to have a computer try to figure out your personality from your writing (you can try it here.) Marketers are going to hit the jackpot with this. Want even better targeting and even a recommended channel strategy? It’s coming. Now that the wild world of unstructured data is getting tamed, we have a golden opportunity to learn more about consumers not just from surveys and focus groups, but straight from what they’re posting on social media.

It’s ok to get emotional

This ability to go past demographics and move into the realm of emotion and personality is a great opportunity for multiculturalism to expand beyond the language box. After all, America is a melting pot. We’re all a mixture of attitudes and cultures. So what if we could target not by a box checked on a form or a language, but by expressiveness? What if the group we’re trying to reach was defined by its exuberance, by its joy of living; in short, by characteristics that are associated with, but not exclusive to Latinos? We believe language is just a tactic, and new ways to target audiences could open many new doors in multicultural marketing.

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