Putting Beauty Where Your Mouth Is



Even though the use of nutricosmetics is fairly new among women, promises of beauty have been around since women first appeared. In recent years, beauty and wellness innovations have led to new devices and ingredients, but with a ever-growing desire to keep our bodies clean and simple we’re now going back to the original source: Mother Nature.

As beauty and wellness are increasingly intertwined, nutricosmetics found an opportunity to meet consumer needs in the form of natural supplements that improve beauty from the inside out.


Nutricosmetics contain targeted nutrients and antioxidants that can preventively care for or treat the skin, hair and nails. They can be customizable and used topically or consumed as a capsule, powder or tea.

Driven by the beauty-from-within trend and a growing sense that “wellness delivers beauty,” consumers have demanded customized, natural solutions to their beauty ailments; from beauty drinks to beer skin care for men. Surprisingly, nutricosmetics have been struggling to resonate in some markets. This might be because they’re not targeting the right consumer. More specifically, a willing, natural-first, financially-able consumer: Latinas.

The Case For Latinas

If beauty comes from within, Latinas know it well and have probably eaten it or applied it on their face. They claim to have exfoliated with sugar and moisturized their face with avocado before it was cool to do it. Growing up in a beauty-focused culture, they learned early enough that many factors influence beauty beyond just putting on makeup and doing your hair. Add the fact that skincare and prevention are having a major moment.

With brands like Glossier – the first digital-only beauty brand – Millennials are able to have the most #selfie #nofilter ready skin as well as a popularization of Asian beauty regimens; consumers want their beauty regimen to match the times. Today, you can also find different types of nutricosmetics at your local Target, Sephora and even Urban Outfitters.

To support this standard of beauty, Latinas have plenty of buying power. They are leading the growth in the beauty industry, disproportionally outspending their general market counterparts across the category… and most of the time without really being specifically targeted!

According to a Siempre Mujer study, in 2014, Latina cosmetic purchases were up by 7.4% while General Market retail purchases fell by 1.2% across the beauty category. “They’re beauty junkies at heart…savvy consumers who incorporate more products into their daily beauty regimen and it is a trendsetting demographic that is open to experimentation when it comes to new products and innovative brands.”

Since Latinas believe quality skincare is not a luxury but a necessity, they are taking pride in their appearance. They know it boosts overall confidence, helping them get ahead in life and work. But true or not, Latinas have grown up hearing “Como te ven, te tratan” (How you’re seen is how you’re treated).  After all, even when it’s the inside that counts, a little help on the outside truly goes a long way.

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