Survive a Request to Target Hispanic Millennials in 5 Steps

In Five Steps

For the past three years, I’ve been talking and hanging out with Hispanic millennials and non-hispanic millennials trying to get a clear understanding of the way they see the world. Of the things that motivate them and the things they don’t care about.

This is what I can tell you about them.

1. Forget they are millennials. They don’t care about labels, they are simply young people. Forget they are Hispanic; they know that. What you need to do instead is to focus on their motivations not as a generation, but as individuals with specific drives. For example, there are a lot of young people cooking healthy meals. The main reason? They cannot afford to get sick. Just a simple example of why you should never generalize what the data tells you. On top of that, in some DMAs Hispanic millennials are the majority of the millennial population, and this is context you cannot forget.

2. Learn they are part of a multicultural pot, and they don’t care. It is what it is. All of their friends are like them, and they don’t question if they are Hispanic, African American or Asian. The only thing they know is what they know. Instead, you can make observations and add nuances to any situations you portray in your ads. One time I was at a Halloween pre-party (not a Hispanic holiday) organized by a Latino friend, and next to me was this beautiful African American lady that told me, after seeing that a significant amount of Latinos had shown up, “Wow, this is like a commercial I just saw. Everybody brings more friends… I love that.” It happens that the commercial was produced by my team based on a real anecdote. As you can see, “Hispanic” things can happen in a “traditional American” environment and still be relevant, not only in the context, but also in the offer and the message.

3. Remember an insight is universal, related to emotions and relevancy, not about background or ethnicity. In other words, their family is important, just like any other human being; the way they relate could be different, but it varies from family to family around the world. For example, they love music but not everyone loves Salsa and Reggaeton, and that not only happens here, it also happens in many Latin American countries. So you need to go deeper and look for something more meaningful.

4. Go to the streets and meet them. Don’t limit yourself to data; it could be your worst enemy if you use it by itself. Their motivations are eye openers, and yet very different from any other segment. Why? Well, they’ve grown up in a different time surrounded by different technology, economic environments, beliefs and social remarks, and that’s exactly what you need to understand very well before you generalize. For example, a group of artists told me one day that art gives them the opportunity to express themselves without having to give any justification or explanation.

5. Stay original and fun. Hispanic millennials appreciate authenticity, and they are happy people. They were born in a time when they can do things by themselves using the technology available; they have an entrepreneurial spirit, and they can be easily motivated. A lot of people spend their free time volunteering, exercising, adopting dogs, having fun and eating healthy.

So what do these insights about Hispanic millennials tell you about this generation? Now you can answer the question yourself and learn more by subscribing to Dieste Inc.’s newsletter below.