The New Emoji on the Block…of Cheese

Emoji iOS 9.1

Because we were all glued to our multiple screens, tuning in to all the podcasts, Tweets and Snap stories on the Apple Event – we heard iOS 9.1 would be rolling out a slew of new emojis! Seeing that about 64 percent of Americans own a smartphone, we can only imagine what emoji usage really says about how we communicate, our ideas and behaviors. As we have stated before, these universal pictures are understood emotionally by many regardless of language barriers or age difference. Studies show Spanish-speaking Americans use sad faces more than any other language, but maybe findings don’t understand that we are really crying out of happiness. To give us something to smile about, the highly requested taco emoji is finally coming and is garnering the most hubbub, but aren’t you excited to see what other new emojis will be snapped, tweeted and Instagrammed by U.S. Hispanics?


Adding Flavor to our Emoji Keyboard

Let’s start with the obvious. The taco and burrito. We are not 100% sure that the burrito is not a wrap, but come on, you know you wish you could get it with lots of carnitas and scoops of guacamole.

Block of Cheese

 Speaking of tacos and burritos, ever find yourself adding that extra cheese to them? That’s right. iOS 9.1 will give us that extra cheese for free! It’s an important ingredient to countless Hispanic dishes and thus essential to a happy tummy. The block of cheese.

Popcorn emoji

Since we are on this food rant, did you know that Hispanics are among the most frequent moviegoers, representing 18% of the population but 32% of frequent moviegoers? Needless to say, Hispanics will be using this gem on a regular basis. The popcorn emoji.

Place of Worship Emoji

Because I can already see my mom sending me this emoji before any big trip, project, presentation or just before bedtime.

Slightly Smiling Face Emoji

For when you’re not sure how to take abuelo’s backhanded compliment. The slightly smiling face emoji.

Hugging Face Emoji

If that was not enough, this hugging face emoji will be sent to you when your abuela is missing you at family gatherings you can’t make.

Shopping Bags Emoji

And this one goes out to all my fashionistas and shopaholics ready today for Black Friday.

Sign of the Horn Emoji

The good news for Longhorns is that now they can finally do away with their \m/ symbols and join the Aggies with their own hand gesture emoji, which can be altered in skin tone.

To communicate to your audience, be it U.S. Hispanics, multicultural Millennials, stay-at-home moms, you need to understand their behaviors and speak them in their language; including emojis. Follow Dieste Inc., a multicultural advertising agency on Twitter to learn more insights and day-to-day trends related to behaviors in the communication landscape and the growing multicultural population.