E-readers Offer Untapped Potential for Hispanic Marketing

By: Michael Devine, Assistant Account Executive

E-magazines and e-books now allow marketers to extend their reach toward Hispanics beyond the services that print and mobile advertisements can provide. These platforms allow companies to embed links into books, articles and advertisements to provide more information about their products. With Hispanics among those at the forefront of the e-reader market, this form of branded content is extremely underutilized by brands hoping to pioneer the way they see ads.


Hispanic usage of e-readers

First, we’ll take a look at why e-readers may attract Hispanic consumers in the first place. It seems as though Latinos are more interested in preserving their culture in today’s global atmosphere than ever before. Publishers Weekly explains that Amazon’s eBooks Kindle en Español store has continued to expand in recent years, now offering over 70,000 books and magazines in Spanish. This is more than double the amount of content that was available when launched in April of 2012.


The growing number of Spanish books and e-magazines available could have also been led by the ownership of tablets and e-readers in Hispanic homes. A study by Northwestern University found that 29% of Hispanics have some form of tablet or e-reader at home, which the book 1+1=3 explains is twice as likely than non-Hispanics.


Using e-readers to a marketer’s benefit

Today, many consider tablets and e-readers to be the future of e-commerce, as brands are concentrated on targeting demographics like Hispanics with new interactive ads on e-readers. These unconventional ads are eye catching because they veer away from the norms of typical print ads we see every day.


An example of how this has been done with e-readers for the general market audience can be found in a spot for Avis Rent-A-Car. They used accelerometer technology to ask audiences to “shake” their advertisement in order to see more photos of their car’s interior. While mobile app and game designers have been using this technology for years, it’s time for companies to look at their brand’s digital presence to figure out if this customer engagement is an avenue they can benefit from.