Millennial Latinas:

The “IT” Girls for Content Marketing

Marketers and brands alike are putting more effort into speaking to millennials, but they are focusing those efforts on the Latina segment of the bunch. According to Experian, one out of every 4 millennials is Hispanic. This alone is not the reason that marketers are going after this group, but also because they are highly active in digital media platforms, especially when it comes to social media and mobile usage. As technology seems to be the best way to reach these Latinas, many media companies have begun incorporating new digital experiences and looking for ways to have online campaigns that cohesively correlate to their television advertising specifically for this market. According to Marla Skiko, executive VP and director of digital innovation at Starcom MediaVest Group’s multicultural division, “We haven’t had a year where digital advertising spending toward the Hispanic market has been down.” 
Popsugar has joined fellow publications, such as Cosmo Latina and Buzzfeed Latinoin taking an active approach at specifically reaching out to Hispanics and the Latina audience. “In our conversations with brands and advertisers, it is almost universally recognized that the Latina market is the fastest-growing market in the U.S., and it has great spending power and influence,” said Anna Fieler, executive VP of marketing at Popsugar. For over a month now, Popsugar Latina has been targeting young Hispanic females, who make up over 12 percent of Popsugar’s average monthly U.S. visitors. Due to the site over-indexing in mobile visits, the content covering celebrity gossip, Hispanic recipes, fitness and fashion will be short and “stackable.” Popsugar Latina is delivered in English and appeals to the reader who “considers herself 100 percent American and 100 percent Latina.”
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